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A Cinematic Marvel: Atlee wins Critics Best Director at DPFF Awards for Jawan

In a momentous night at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards, celebrated filmmaker Atlee emerged as a shining star, clinching prestigious award for his exceptional contributions to cinema. The acclaimed director was honored with the “Critics Best Director” award, recognizing his artistic brilliance and storytelling prowess.

“Jawan,” the latest blockbuster from Atlee Kumar starring Shah Rukh Khan, stands as a testament to his unparalleled talent. The film, which explores themes of love, sacrifice, and patriotism, struck a chord with audiences across the globe, winning many accolades on the international level.

In his acceptance speech, Atlee Kumar expressed, “Good Evening Everyone, Hello Everyone…Thanks to Tamil, My mother Tongue, To all my Tamil fans who have been supporting me and keeping me going. Now it’s become bigger, and I can collectively address them as my Indian Fans and I’m happy for that. First thanks to Mr Shah Rukh Khan sir who gave me a platform to prove myself here. Thanks to Mr Shah Rukh sir, the actors and the entire film, thanks for believing in my vision. Thank you Thalapthy Vijay sir who really took me from my second film to a level where I can come and prove myself. Thanks to Vijay sir.

My best friends are Anni, Ruben, Vishnu,…. They are my best friends and who really put their heart and soul into it without any expectations. And I know they are superstars in my word, they came here. They did everything they could to their best and made this film and I dedicate this award to all my best friends, Ruben, Vishnu, Anni, …, the entire team and Shahrukh Sir. Thank you so much. Thank you.”

As Atlee Kumar continues to mesmerize audiences with his creative genius and unwavering passion, he continues to redefine the cinematic landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of viewers everywhere.


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