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Adani University inks MoU with VJoist Innovation, to bring in revolutionary transformation in the Indian academic arena!

VJoist Innovation Pvt Ltd., is a joint venture between Hyderabad based VARIMAN Global Enterprises and Joist Innovation Park, Greece.

Hyderabad, February 2024: Adani University, one of India’s most prestigious academic institutions and a part of India’s biggest business conglomerate, the Adani Group; signed an MoU with VJoist Innovation Pvt Ltd.; a joint venture between Hyderabad based VARIMAN Global Enterprises and Joist Innovation Park, Greece; here today. This initiative is set to bring in revolutionary transformation in the academic arena of India.

The MoU, was signed by Prof. Ravi P Singh, Provost of Adani University, and Dr. Tasos Vasiliadis, representing VJoist Innovation Park. This MoU facilitates Adani Group and VJoist Innovation Park to work together and model the Indian education system on the lines of the European educational system.

Adani University has been striving for big and positive changes in the field of education for a long time, this MoU enables us to move forward. Our resolve to make education accessible to all will be fulfilled with the help of the world-renowned IT company like VJoist Innovation Park. This understanding facilitates to connect education more strongly with technology, says Prof. Ravi P Singh.

The collaboration between VJoist and Adani University helps create an ecosystem that embraces multicultural perspectives and prepares the young generation to seize opportunities and shape a better future, says Dr. Tasos Vasiliadis.

The model we built for Indian educational system, borrowing the best practices from the European Education System, will enhance the skills of Indian children and enable them to seamless connect with technology, says D Sirish, Head of VJoist Innovation Park.

About Adani University

Adani University was established by the Adani Group which is considered one of India’s largest conglomerates in the transport and utilities infrastructure sector. Adani University offers comprehensive education programs with a vision to educate and empower young people, encourage transformative research focused on real-world problems, and contribute to global sustainability through excellence at all levels.

About VJoist Innovation Pvt Ltd.

VJoist Innovation Pvt Ltd, is a joint initiative between Hyderabad based VARIMAN Global Enterprises and Joist Innovation Park, Greece. VJoist Innovation works exclusive for SAARC countries in the field of IT Incubation, Research and Development, SME MSME and Skill Development, Medical and Healthcare Technology etc. Both the companies together are working towards developing technology in the domains of augmented reality and virtual reality in SAARC countries.

VJoist Innovation’s ecosystem is based on Competency Centers, Research Organisations, Agencies, Venture Capital Funding, Cooperatives, Business support, organisations, Public bodies, Universities and Start-ups.

About JOIST Innovation Park

JOIST is the only Innovation Park in Greece and the largest in South-eastern Europe. From 2022, it is developing a phygital ecosystem that promotes innovation and enhances knowledge transfer through a solid European network. It is located in the centre of Greece, in Larissa. Within its more than 1,800 sqm premises, it offers a wide range of services and spaces for education, networking, working and collaborating, creating, events and development based on new technologies. It enhances the distribution and management of knowledge, stimulates entrepreneurship, multiplies the results and impact of businesses and creates cooperation networks. JOIST participated in designing and implementing the first internship programme for professional farmers from India in Greece.

About Variman Global Enterprises Ltd. 

Variman Global Enterprises Ltd., is a leading BSE-listed IT solutions company providing solutions through software development, IT Infrastructure solutions and distributing IT Hardware to clients and partners through aggressive market development and continuous improvement through agility. Variman Global Enterprises Ltd. acts as a strategic link between vendors to partners and clients, thus readying them for unprecedented levels of business performance by catering to SOHO, SMB, Mid-size, Large Enterprises and Government Organizations across various industry verticals.


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