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Ānanda: Sunayana Malhotra’s Enchanting Lotus-Inspired Art Exhibition Captures the Harmony of Nature and Spirit

The solo exhibition “Ānanda” by the talented artist Sunayana Malhotra is a captivating showcase of paintings inspired by the fleeting beauty of lotuses. Sunayana Malhotra, a self-taught artist, draws from her own experiences and feelings to find subjects for her works. The serene beauty of women merging with nature is a prominent theme in her paintings. “My effort is to explore the harmony between man and Mother Nature,” she says.

Sunayana Malhotra is fascinated by lotuses, which are prominent in her recent artworks, symbolizing beauty, prosperity, and fertility. “For me, drawing the female form comes naturally; it is a way for me to express my thoughts or reflect on them. In my recent work, I have replaced the female form with the lotus, which has an equally effeminate feeling and portrays the different layers of a woman,” says Sunayana.

The exhibition opened with a special preview, with the lighting of the lamp performed by Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi, Former Minister of State for External Affairs & Culture, Government of India, and Keshwer Desai, Author and Chairperson of the Partition Museum.

Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi shared her thoughts on the exhibition, saying, “Sunayana Malhotra’s art is a beautiful reflection of the joy and peace that comes from a deep spiritual connection. Her work is both inspiring and transformative, capturing the essence of Ānanda in every stroke.”

Sunayana Malhotra expressed her vision for the exhibition: “Ānanda is more than just a concept; it is a transformative journey of the soul. Through my paintings, I hope to guide viewers towards a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, embracing both the fragility and resilience of life.” She explains that her work is a spontaneous overflow, created with paintbrushes and palette knives. She likes the figure to be visible yet hidden behind layers of paint, with much of the surface scratched off and repainted on canvas.

Sunayana is deeply influenced by ancient Indian art found in caves, temples, and palaces, reflecting the rich heritage of India. Lotuses fascinate her with their symbolic beauty and mythological significance. In her works, the protagonist’s body is not an idealized form resistant to the ravages of time but moves towards formlessness and colorful abstraction. For instance, in “Her Body Speaks,” the body is covered by rivulets of red that appear like stigmata or slashes of blood across tender pink skin, leading to the atrophy of the body.

Sunayana’s paintings are deeply personal and exude mystery, with shapes and patterns emerging from layered canvases. Each layer invites viewers to uncover their interpretations, creating an interactive and meditative experience.


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