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Ansh Bagri on International Day of Happiness: Bringing a smile to my loved ones’ faces makes me the happiest

Spreading joy and love is what makes actor Ansh Bagri the happiest. He says that he has never depended on professional success or anything external for his happiness.

“My idea of happiness is to try to keep my near and dear ones happy by making small efforts. That’s what I do, and it really makes me happy. Bringing a smile to their faces makes me the happiest,” he says.

He adds, “Happiness should never depend on your career or any specific thing because circumstances can change. Today, your career might be going well, but tomorrow it might not, and if our happiness is tied to that, then we might stop being happy altogether. Happiness comes naturally from various sources like helping others, bringing a smile to someone’s face, loving yourself, caring for yourself and others. It can come from anything as long as your intentions are right.”

Happiness is connected with personal and professional balance, says the actor, adding, “In my opinion, life operates on a delicate balance between personal and professional aspects. If there’s too much or too little of anything, things can go awry. So, maintaining balance is crucial, and to do that, understanding plays a vital role. I try to handle everything with maturity, focusing on what matters most, keeping my priorities clear. This helps me balance my professional and personal life effectively.”

Ask him what makes him happy, and he says, “The moment I brought my pet babies, Berlin and Tokyo, home and saw their adorable faces, I experienced a truly pure happiness unlike anything else. Coming home to my babies, Tokyo and Berlin, after a busy day or when I’m feeling low instantly brings me happiness and lifts my spirits. Spending time with them brings me immense joy.”

He adds, “My message to my followers and fans is simple: always set boundaries, prioritize what brings you peace of mind, and never forget to keep smiling.”


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