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Behind Every Star: Anupamaa aka Rupali Ganguly’s Third Win Echoes Producer Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi’s Vision!

In a triumphant third consecutive win, Rupali Ganguly clinched the Best Actress in a Television Series award at the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival 2024. The actress, renowned for her stellar performance in “Anupamaa,” expressed her joy and gratitude on this remarkable achievement.

Rupali Ganguly, adorned with yet another accolade, exclaimed, “THU THU THU, this is my third year in a row on this platform and it feels good.” The actress, who plays the lead role in “Anupamaa,” made a heartwarming statement as she brought her son on stage, saying, ” Anupamaa is a mother and so am I and I brought my son along because I learned motherhood from him.”

Acknowledging the collective effort behind her success, Ganguly emphasized the importance of teamwork in the entertainment industry. Expressing her gratitude to the entire team of “Anupamaa” and DKP (Director’s Kut Productions) , Ganguly stated, “No actor deserves any award alone; there is always a team behind it, it’s the teamwork which makes the dream work. Thank you on behalf of the entire team of Anupamaa, the entire DKP team, on behalf of my producer, the wonderful producer Rajan Shahi, I humbly accept this.” The actress dedicated the award to her producer Deepa Shahi, highlighting her as a source of inspiration. “This is for you, Deepa Aunty, who, after being 78 years old, became a producer with ‘Anupamaa.’ She is Rajan ji’s mom, and she is a big inspiration for our entire team because a lot of inputs have come with her experiences into this show.”

Acknowledging the unwavering support from her family, Ganguly shared a heartfelt message to her husband who is her biggest fan, and is proud of her. Reflecting on her journey in the television industry, she added, “It’s been 24 years in television for me, and until ‘Anupama’ came, I didn’t receive any award in my life. So, thank you, God. Whenever He gives, He gives abundantly. Just keep it coming. I hope next year too, I am the one standing here on this platform.”

Rupali Ganguly’s inspiring words and dedication to her team showcase the essence of collaborative success in the world of entertainment, leaving fans eagerly anticipating her future endeavors.


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