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Birthday Special: let’s take a look at Sachin Sanghvi’s songs for all your moods

Sachin Sanghvi, the talented musician from the dynamic duo Sachin-Jigar, celebrates his birthday today. Apart from creating some melodious music the singer also has a number of songs to his name under the credit of a singer Let’s also honor his versatility as a singer. He has provided us with music for every mood—from happiness to sadness, romance to heartbreak. This musical magician has sung songs for every situation.

On his special day, let’s celebrate his music and take a look at some of our favorite songs.

First Love: Maula Mila De
When someone falls in love, their only wish is for the other person to reciprocate those feelings, as expressed in ‘Maula Mila De.’ This song beautifully shows the essence of first love and is featured in the teenage love film ‘Teree Sang.’ Sung by Sachin Sanghvi, the song tells the story of a young teenage boy who falls for a girl and prays to God for her love.

Romance: Jeena Jeena
This romantic ballad Jeena Jeena from the movie ‘Badlapur’ is a beautiful track sung by Sachin Sanghvi. It’s a song that will tug at your heartstrings. On one hand are the beautiful lyrics and on the other hand, is the melodious voice. The song is perfect to stir romance in the air.

Friendship: Baaki Sab Theek
Friendship is a topic that cannot be discussed without mentioning Sachin Sanghvi’s song ‘Baaki Sab Theek.’ This song, from the movie ‘Bhediya,’ pays homage to the unique and special bond of friendship. A bond that we have the freedom to choose unlike other relations. The composition and vocals by Sachin-Jigar truly shows the essence of genuine friendship.

Heartbreak: Judaai
When talking about heartbreak songs the soulful song ‘Judaai’ from the album ‘Bhediya’ is a heart-wrenching melody that beautifully portrays the emotions of heartbreak. Composed and sung by Sachin-Jigar, along with Rekha Bhardwaj and Arijit Singh, this talented trio successfully conveys deep emotions. The composition has the power to make you feel hurt even if you are not heartbroken.

Party: Baby Tujhe Paap Lagega
This upbeat song from the movie ‘Zara Hatke Zara Bachke’ is a party anthem. Sung by Sachin-Jigar and Himesh Reshammiya, and penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya, this song will make your evening memorable. If you don’t dance to it, ‘Baby Tujhe Paap Lagega.’


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