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BRS is dead, Congress is gasping, BJP is the best and reliable option!

Hyderabad, 14th March 2024: Shri Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, BJP MP Candidate for Chevella Parliamentary Constituency, addressing the media at BJP State Office said, if there is one leader who has clarity, its Prime minister Modi. To achieve greatness, a nation must be guided by a visionary leader with a clear sense of direction and every countryman knows that it is Modi alone. The citizens irrespective of caste, community want the country to progress in the next two decades and be the number one country and they know that only Modi can make this possible. Earlier, the Modi Government brought Citizenship Act and the opposition created confusion on it,were spreading misinformation on it. But BJP party, Modi ji, Amit Shah ji have complete clarity on what they are implementing, for them every citizen of India is an Indian irrespective of which community, caste, religion they belong to. But opposition has been creating misinformation, apprehension among Muslim brethren of they are losing their citizenship, which is nothing but a bundle of lies. They practice vote bank politics while ours is India first politics. Several parties use impoverished Muslims as a vote bank, but BJP doesn’t believe in using any section of the population as a vote bank. In fact, several Muslims vote for BJP in several places of Chevalla Parliament, even Muslim women vote for BJP, so this is not a communal party, it’s a Nation first party.

Shri Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, BJP MP Candidate for Chevella Parliamentary Constituency

 Several parties ruled this country, but Prime Minister Modi was the one who sanctioned Chevella a highway when I was MP, which didn’t happen all these years, but the previous government didn’t procure lands for it and it got delayed. The Central Government was willing to give funds for MMTS services to Shakarpally and Vikarabad, but the previous government didn’t come forward to contribute its 50% share. Recently Tourism Minister Kishan Reddy garu sanctioned 100 crores for Vikarabad. They reduced GST on Shahabad stone on my request. Several Sarpanchs MPPs, ZPTCs and party workers from opposition parties are joining BJP.  In several constituencies Congress party is unable to find candidates, that’s the reason we are declaring our candidates, and they are still scouting for candidates in other parties or those who were rejected by other parties. Even in Chevella, Congress is struggling to find a candidate, TRS announced one only yesterday. BJP had its highest growth in the last two years in South India, our vote share is increasing rapidly in this region. In Chevalla constituency, BJP vote share grew from 7% to 22% in the last elections and are therefore confident of winning Chevella and we could even win in Nalgonda, Khammam and don’t be surprised if we win in old city too. BJP may win 12 to 13 seats in Telangana and that shouldn’t surprise anyone. When Modi promises something, he delivers and therefore people trust him.             

In the grand narrative of history, the making of great nations is underpinned by foundational pillars that drive their journey towards progress and prosperity. India, under the visionary leadership of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a testament to this transformative journey, steadfast on the path to futuristic development. As we navigate through the early decades of the 21st century, India’s commitment to the pillars of economic growth, social development, education, innovation, and a multifaceted relationship with the world, propels us towards the creation of a new Bharat by 2047.

At the heart of India’s resurgence is an economic strategy focused on robust growth, attracting investments, and fostering an environment where businesses thrive. Our country is not just witnessing an economic revolution but is also becoming a cradle of social development, where every citizen is empowered, and inclusivity is not just a goal but a reality.

Education and innovation, the twin engines of progress, are being revolutionized to prepare a generation that is not only well-educated but is also the harbinger of path-breaking innovations. India is embracing a future where challenges are met with indigenous solutions, making us a beacon of technological prowess on the global stage.

India’s multifaceted relationship with the world is stronger than ever, based on mutual respect, strategic partnerships, and a shared vision for a peaceful and prosperous future. This has positioned India as a pivotal player on the global stage, influencing the international discourse and contributing to global peace and stability.

A monumental shift in India’s defense capabilities has seen our nation transition from an importer to an exporter of defense technology. This transformation underscores our resolve to safeguard our sovereignty and ensure national security. The respect garnered from other nations is a testament to our strength and strategic posture, marking a significant decrease in adversarial actions against us.

Inclusive growth is the cornerstone of our governance model, ensuring that the fruits of development reach every citizen, illuminating the lives of those in the farthest corners of the country. The BJP, under the unwavering leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stands unparalleled in its commitment to inclusivity and development for all.

One of the outstanding examples of economic success is the development of Uttar Pradesh under BJP’s stewardship, a remarkable transformation, shedding its previous label as a “BIMARU” state and emerging as one of the frontrunners in India’s development journey.


The achievements of the BJP, from the realization of the Ram Temple to the abrogation of Article 370, and from spearheading economic growth to enhancing social development, are emblematic of a party and a leadership that prioritizes the nation’s welfare above all. Every promise made has been a promise kept, a testament to the selfless service and dedication to the nation’s progress.

 For the people of Chevalla, the upcoming election presents an opportunity to be part of this glorious journey of national development. Electing Konda Vishwa Raidy as a Parliament member from the BJP will ensure that Chevalla not only benefits from the national wave of progress but also leads in the regional narrative of development and prosperity.

 As Chevalla stands at the cusp of transformative growth, a vote for BJP is a vote for a brighter future. It is a vote for a vision that encompasses every citizen, a vote for security, progress, and an inclusive Bharat. Let us come together to contribute to the making of a new India, an India that shines not just for its achievements but for its spirit of unity, resilience, and indomitable will to create a legacy for generations to come.


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