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Budget 2024: Anticipating Positive Changes for Farmers, Job Professionals, and Homeowners”

Budget 2024: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is going to present the general budget on 1 February. There is very little time left for the budget to be presented, which is why many sectors have high expectations from this interim budget. From job professionals to landlords and farmers, there is a lot of speculation about who will get what in this budget. The special thing is that this time after the budget, the amount of PM Kisan installment may increase significantly. If this happens then it is certain that farmers will be in trouble after the budget.

Regarding the budget, the Modi government’s focus is expected to be on pleasing the public because of the election year. If this happens, not only businessmen but also job professionals and farmers can get great relief. It is believed that this time the budget can revolve around food, housing, jobs and farmers.

There will be opportunities to increase employment in the budget

This time in Budget 2024, the focus of Modi government may be on employment generation. Some important decisions can also be taken in this budget regarding providing jobs to the youth and providing relief to the employed. Every year lakhs of youth are becoming part of the workforce. Modi government has already released important figures regarding this. But in the budget, the Finance Minister may once again focus on providing a large number of new jobs.

If experts are to be believed, the government can increase its focus on the manufacturing sector. In such a situation, not only will new employment be created, Vocal for Local will also get a boost. Along with this, the scope of Production Linked Incentive i.e. PLI Scheme can also be increased. Where the need for laborers or employees is high, such sectors can be included in the economy.

Preparation for increase in PM Kisan installment

The government’s focus will also be on farmers in the interim budget. Especially to please the farmers, Modi government can increase the amount of PM Kisan installment in its election budget. That means this amount can be increased up to Rs 9000. The main reason behind this is that this increase will affect the GDP by only 0.1 percent.

In such a situation, Modi government will not face much problem with this increase. But if this decision is taken then Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will definitely be successful in bringing a smile on the faces of the farmers.

Reduction in food prices

To make the general public happy in the budget, the biggest need is to control the prices of food items that are used in everyday life. In this interim budget also, the focus of Modi government will be on controlling the prices of those things which people need daily. These mainly include the price of pulses and edible oil. Apart from this, if the government is successful in reducing the price of LPG, then it will be an effective effort for the housewives i.e. half of the population also.


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