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Connecting with the character was a profound experience: Kiran Khoje on ‘Terava’

Kiran Khoje, known for movies like “Talvar”, “Hindi Medium”, and “Super 30”, will soon be seen in the Marathi film “Terava”. The movie is based on farmers’ wives of draught affected areas whose husbands are unable to pay their debt back and, having nowhere to go, they commit suicide, leaving them behind. The actress plays the lead character in the film and says it was overwhelming.

“‘Terava’ is a touching story because it delves into the lives of children who lost their fathers and young women left behind by husbands who gave up on life. The emotional depth of the film lies in the portrayal of real struggles, ups and downs, and the resilience demonstrated by these women. It’s a poignant exploration of the human spirit in the face of adversity,” she said.

“As one of the lead characters in ‘Terava’, I feel privileged to have portrayed the role of a farmer’s wife in this inspiring film. Connecting with the character was a profound experience, especially knowing that the women depicted in the movie are real farmers’ wives, and their stories are a testament to resilience and strength,” she added.

The movie will hit the screens on March 8, which is also observed as International Women’s Day. Kiran said the movie is a tribute to women, their confidence, determination and strength. She added, “The film’s release on Women’s Day is significant as ‘Terava’ is a celebration of the everyday lives of women who face numerous challenges. I am optimistic that the movie will inspire many, especially women, by showcasing the remarkable stories of these real-life heroines. It aligns perfectly with the spirit of Women’s Day, emphasizing empowerment and resilience.”

Sharing the message that will be taken away from the movie, she said, “The biggest message of ‘Terava’ is that no matter the challenges, one cannot give up. The film emphasizes the power of collective strength, showcasing how these women, despite facing adversity in farming, loss, and other hardships, came together to rebuild their lives.”

“It delves into the lives of real women who have overcome the struggles of being farmers’ wives, single parents, and facing the loss of loved ones. The film teaches us that resilience, hard work, and a collective spirit can overcome even the toughest situations. The story resonates with a universal theme of facing difficulties head-on and finding solutions together,” Kiran ended.


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