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Dr. Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni to Illuminate Indian Astrology at UK’s 56th Annual Astrology Association Conference

Hyderabad, 20th June 2024: City based reputed Astrology and Vaastu practitioner,   Dr Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni, has been invited as a guest speaker to deliver a special lecture on Indian Astrology at the prestigious 56th Annual Astrology Association Conference, hosted by the globally renowned six decade old The Astrological Association, UK. The Conference will be held in Birmingham, UK; in August, 2024. Over 300 distinguished Astrologers from over 120 countries will be participating in the Conference and sharing their valuable insights on astrology.

This conference happening since 1969, will be deliberating on several advanced topics related to Astrology spanning over four days, including, Sun’s declination which impacts medicine, architecture, weather and financial markets. The lunar declination which play a key role in earthquakes. The untapped potential of the Asteroids, their relevance to astrological practice today and how astrologers can explore their significance on the charts and lives of people.

About Dr V R Veeramaneni

A pharma scientist with a Ph.D., in Chemistry, Dr V R Veeramaneni, had great interest in Astrology and used to practice it more as a passion right from his childhood. Parallel to his career as a research scientist, he carried out in-depth study and extensive research of Astrology and Vaastu and gained mastery over both of them. This relentless pursuit guided him to earn two more Ph.ds, one in Astrology and another in Vaastu and also the rare distinction of holding three doctorates by an individual. The scientific approach he adopts in practicing these two sciences made him popular and gained him several patrons from all echelons of the society, which led to him devoting his full time for Astrology and Vaastu. Dr Veeramaneni’s immense popularity can be gauged from the fact that he is the recipient of over 50 national / international awards & titles.

About the Astrological Association

The Astrological Association has been serving astrology over the last six decades, by informing and bringing together astrologers from all over the world. The Association has been working extensively to promote astrology in all its branches. The annual Conference hosted by The Astrological Association brings together experts from astrology’s many branches from all over the world. The platform serves as a unique opportunity for the astrologers, be it beginners or professionals, to share their work and extend their expertise.


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