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From Childhood Play to Unicorn Success: The Inspiring Journey of Dream11 Founder Harsh Jain

Many times you must have heard one thing from the elders of your house that “If you study and write, you will become a Nawab, if you play and jump, you will become bad”. Because of which, for playing, we had to be scolded and sometimes even beaten.

But today if I tell you that playing sports spoils your career, then you will hardly agree with me as much as you could have agreed a decade or two ago, and there is a reason behind this that today there are many people around us. There are examples who have had a brilliant career and a very luxurious life because of sports.

Born: 1986, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Father: Anand Jain
Mother: Sushma Jain
Education: Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania
MBA from Columbia Business School

Current Position: Cultural Enforcement Officer (CEO) of Dream11
Market value of the company: Rs 64 thousand crores
Not only this, leave aside the players, now even the people hosting the games are earning crores. Dream11 founder and CEO Harsh Jain did something similar. He understood this and in no time created a unicorn company while playing.

Originally born in Mumbai, Harsh was fond of playing and jumping since childhood. With the start of IPL in 2008, Harsh saw an opportunity and along with his friend he turned it into a business.

Today his company is a unicorn company, know the success story of Dream11 founder Harsh Jain –

Who is Harsh Jain?

Dream11 founder Harsh Jain was born in 1986 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. His father Anand Jain, Jai Corp Ltd. He is the chairman of and his mother’s name is Sushma Jain. Harsh did his schooling in Mumbai only, after which he went to America for further studies. In the US, Harsh did Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007 and completed his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2014. Harsh had a special interest in sports since childhood, this later became his identity.

Job in Microsoft

After completing his studies, Harsh first joined Microsoft in 2006 and did an internship there for 3 months. After that Harsh returned to India and joined his father’s company in 2007, where he worked as a marketing manager for 1 year.

This is how the idea of Dream11 came

Harsh Jain had a special interest in sports since childhood, this is how he got the idea of a new startup. IPL started in India in 2008, people liked this new format of cricket very much. At the same time, Harsh along with his friend Bhavit Sheth decided to create a fantasy sports app. Harsh went to 150 people with his idea for funding but he did not get success from anywhere. After that he got funding from Kalaari Capital and this app named Dream11 was ready.

In 2019, Dream11 became a unicorn with a valuation of one billion dollars, the first gaming company in India to become a unicorn. Apart from this, Dream11 got the sponsorship of IPL in 2020, today this company also sponsors the jersey of the Indian cricket team. Today Dream11 has become a company worth Rs 64 thousand crores. Along with this, Harsh is also the co-founder of the social media agency Red Digital, started in 2010.


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