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Government Proposes Stringent Measures to Combat Exam Fraud: Bill Introduced to Deter Rigging and Irregularities

New Delhi: The Central Government is going to take strict steps to stop rigging and irregularities in competitive examinations. The government has presented a bill in this regard in the Lok Sabha on Monday. Many strict provisions have been made in this bill. According to this, anyone involved in a paper leak can be sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment. Heavy fine can also be imposed on the guilty. The amount of fine can be up to Rs 1 crore. If any institution is found guilty, its assets may also be confiscated.

Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh has shown great seriousness regarding this issue. He introduced the ‘Public Examinations (Prevention of Unfair Means) Bill, 2024’ in the Lok Sabha for the interim budget session 2024 on Monday.

In fact, during the last few years, many cases of irregularities in competitive examinations have come to light. Due to this, the candidates who appeared in these examinations had to face a lot of problems. It is expected that with the passing of ‘Public Examinations (Prevention of Unfair Means) Bill, 2024′, any irregularities in competitive examinations in the country will be curbed.

In this bill, there is a provision for strict punishment for crimes related to rigging and irregularities in competitive examinations. For crimes related to this, a provision has been made for a maximum jail term of up to 10 years and a fine of up to Rs 1 crore.

According to media reports, under this bill, strict action will be taken against those found involved in organized crime, mafia and collusion. High technology will also be used to investigate the entire matter, so that the irregularities committed through internet and computer can be stopped. Key points of the bill…

– If found guilty of paper leak or copying, then three to five years of jail, Rs 10 lakh. A fine of up to Rs.

– If any institute is involved in this matter, the entire expense will be recovered from it. The entire property of the institute can also be confiscated. A fine of Rs 1 crore can be imposed on him.

Similarly, strict action will be taken against the management and director of that institute.

– If someone else is caught giving the exam in your place, then in this also you will face a jail term of three to five years and a fine of 10 years.

– Under the law made by the Central Government, it will be implemented on UPSC, SSC, Railways, Banking, NTA and all the examinations conducted by the Centre.

Now the state government has also joined this campaign. Assam government has taken a big step in this regard. The Assam government has also introduced a bill in which strict punishment has been made against those who commit rigging and irregularities in competitive examinations. Under this, a provision of maximum imprisonment of 10 years and a fine of Rs 10 lakh has been made.

According to media reports, more than 70 cases of paper leaks have come to light between 2017-23. Due to this, more than 1.5 crore students have been affected.

Some people believe that it is difficult to say whether the issue of copying or paper leaks will stop even after the law is made by the Central Government, because laws against paper leaks are already in force in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttarakhand and Haryana. In Rajasthan, there is a provision of even life imprisonment in a paper leak case. According to Haryana law, the expenses can be recovered by auctioning the property of the convict.

Students’ reaction to the Bill – Government job aspirants welcomed the Central Government’s move after the introduction of the Bill, Public Examinations (Prevention of Unfair Means) Bill, 2024, to curb cheating and other unfair means in various public examinations. . He said that in the absence of specific laws regarding cheating in examinations, hardworking and honest candidates have to face various problems including cancellation of examination, loss of money and loss of precious time.

Speaking to Media, Megha Sharma, a candidate preparing for the medical exam in Delhi, said, ‘Once this bill is implemented as an Act, job seekers like me will be happy. This Act will help in controlling cheating in entrance examinations. Due to irregularities in the examinations, honest candidates do not get a fair chance in the selection process.

Similarly many other job seekers who are preparing for the entrance examinations at various places across the country are now confident that once the Bill becomes an Act, it will help in providing a fair basis for all in the selection process.

Vansh Kumar Singh, who prepares for entrance exams, said, ‘The anti-cheating bill will help prevent the use of unfair means to crack exams. Many times in the past we have seen that exams were canceled due to paper leaks, cheating and improper use of gadgets. Whenever exams are canceled we feel sad because it wastes our honest efforts and precious time.

Ujjwal Kashyap, who is preparing for the entrance exam, said, ‘Lakhs of candidates appear in the entrance exam. Most of these students are from middle class families who spend huge amount on coaching fees, books and accommodation during preparation. However, they feel sad when they come to know that the exam has been canceled due to cheating. This new bill is a new ray of hope for them.


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