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Jaipur Resident’s Ingenious Purchase: Ather Electric Scooter Bought Using ₹10 Coins Creates Online Buzz

Electric vehicle adoption is on the rise across the country, particularly in the realm of two-wheelers. Among the notable players in this sector, Ola Electric and Ather Energy have carved out significant market shares. While Ola Electric scooters dominate sales, Ather Energy’s offerings also enjoy considerable popularity. A recent viral post highlights a unique and unconventional payment method for an Ather Energy electric scooter.

In a social media post by company owner and co-founder Tarun Mehta on platform X, it was revealed that a resident of Jaipur had purchased an Ather Energy electric scooter using ₹10 coins as payment. The accompanying photo shared by Mehta depicts the buyer with a bag filled with these coins, symbolizing the distinctive transaction.


The specific model of the scooter purchased by the individual is not disclosed in the post. However, Ather Energy’s portfolio includes three models: 450s, 450X, and 450 Apex, catering to different preferences and budgets.

The ex-showroom prices vary across these models, with the 450s priced at ₹1.09 lakh, the 450X at ₹1.37 lakh, and the 450 Apex at ₹1.88 lakh.

Excitingly, Ather Energy is set to introduce a new addition to its lineup in the form of a family scooter, tentatively named Ather Rizta. This forthcoming model aims to cater to broader consumer needs, as hinted by Tarun Mehta during an earlier unveiling where the scooter’s spacious seating was showcased in comparison to leading petrol scooters.


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