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Legal Maverick takes the lead, Sana Raees Khan files Bail for Businessman Riyaz Bhati, Dawood Ibrahim’s Right Hand

Riyaz Bhati’s case which is rich in intricacy is complicated right from the start. Bhati was detained by the Anti-Extortion Cell of the Mumbai police and faced serious accusations, including possible ties to the infamous Underworld figure Dawood Ibrahim. Salim Fruit, a well-known acquaintance of Chhota Shakeel, is also accused in the case, which complicated the situation even further. The stakes are raised further as Bhati is accused of violating several sections of the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) and the Indian Penal Code (IPC).
In the Bail Application, a strong case is made for Bhati’s innocence. Khan has drawn attention to the informant’s inconsistent remarks and the absence of concrete proof connecting Bhati to the purported extortion.
The Application states that there was no criminal plot involved in Bhati’s interactions with the co-accused; rather, they were entirely social.
When contacted Supreme Court Counsel Sana Raees Khan,  “Yes I have filed  bail application for Riyaz Bhati
The identities and the implications may seem very high, but legal competence and truth in itself do not need any crutches, there is no evidence that my client received any money related to the alleged crime” Khan said.
Khan’s career is punctuated by several landmark cases that have not only challenged her legal prowess but also solidified her reputation as one of the top legal minds in the country.
Her impeccable victories in the most challenging cases have not just affirmed her legal capabilities but have also contributed to her reputation as a staunch advocate for justice and fairness.

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