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Lokesh Garg Composes Tribute Song “We Love You Modi Ji” Honouring PM Modi’s Decade in Office

New Delhi, April 5, 2024 – Renowned Indian singer, composer, actor and music producer Lokesh Garg has released a special tribute song “We Love You Modi Ji” dedicated to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The upbeat 3-minute song is a musical tribute commemorating the 10-year anniversary of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic tenure as the leader of the world’s largest democracy.

Titled “Hume Badhte Jana hai, Hum Badhte Jayenge”, the song’s lyrics celebrate India’s rapid development and future growth under PM Modi’s visionary leadership. The powerful verses highlight the country’s success stories and monumental achievements across domains like defence, the successful Covid vaccine rollout, daring surgical strikes against terrorism, and India’s rising influence on the global stage.

Composed, sung, and produced entirely by Garg under his esteemed banner Day n Days Films & Entertainment, “We Love You Modi Ji” has already created huge buzz across social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, trending as a fan-favourite anthem. The song’s catchy tune and meaningful lyrics have resonated with audiences, who have praised Garg’s creativity and dedication.

“As an artist, composing this song was my humble endeavour to express gratitude towards our honourable Prime Minister through music,” expressed Garg. “PM Modi’s vision and relentless efforts have elevated India’s stature worldwide. This tribute is a token of respect from me and millions of Indians who take pride in the transformative progress made in the last decade.”

With over a decade of versatile excellence under his belt, Lokesh Garg has established himself as a multi-talented artist straddling devotional music, pop chartbusters, and acting in films/web series. His popular tracks like “Tu Hi Wajood”, “Peete Peete”, “Sach Bolde”, and “Teri Surat Ne Sanwariya” have earned him a massive loyal fan following across platforms such as T-Series and YouTube.

Lokesh Garg’s diverse creative offerings, spanning genres like devotional and pop, showcase his artistic versatility and creativity. As the founder of Day n Days Films & Entertainment, Garg aims to leverage his experience to produce captivating content for global audiences.

“We Love You Modi Ji” is now available across streaming platforms and on Lokesh Garg’s official YouTube channel.


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