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Malai for Skincare: Malai face pack will make your face glow like the moon, know how to include it in skin care.

Malai for Skincare: Everyone wants their skin to look soft and glowing and hence expensive skin care products and tricks are adopted. But the secret of this glowing skin is hidden in the remedies of our grandmothers, which we often do not pay attention to. A product which is found in almost every home can help you in making your skin healthy and glowing. We are talking about cream. Yes, cream accumulated over milk can be very beneficial for your skin. Actually, cream has been used for skin care for many years. Fat-rich cream can be very helpful in making the skin healthy and glowing. Using it on the face can provide many benefits. Let us know how cream can be beneficial for skin care and in what ways it can be used.


Cream contains a lot of fat, which reduces dryness of the skin and moisturizes the skin, which is especially beneficial in winter. With its use the skin remains plump and soft. Due to being moisturized, the skin barrier also remains healthy and there are no problems like sagging.

Brightens the face

Cream contains lactic acid, which helps in removing dead skin cells. Due to dead skin cells, complexion looks dull and skin looks dry. Dead skin cells can also accumulate in the pores and cause acne. Therefore, to keep your skin healthy, it is very important to remove dead skin cells. Due to removal of dead skin cells, the skin also looks bright and glowing.

Helpful in cleansing

Cream is also used for facial cleansing. It cleans the dirt accumulated in the pores of the skin and makes the skin healthy.

Reduces signs of aging

Cream increases collagen production, due to which the skin remains firm and the problem of fine lines and wrinkles reduces. Apart from this, the lactic acid present in it helps in rejuvenating the skin, due to which new and healthy skin cells come to the upper surface.

How to use it?

While applying cream, keep in mind that the cream should always be fresh. Clean the face with the help of cleanser and apply fresh cream on it. After this, massage your face with light hands. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with water.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. Do not take this as any expert’s advice. Before applying anything on the face, do a patch test by applying it on your hand.


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