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Mastering Cruise Control: A Comprehensive Guide to Proper Usage, Advantages, and Drawbacks

If you are a car owner then you must be aware of most of the features provided in the vehicle. But there are some features about which many people are not aware and some do not know the correct way to use them. In today’s article we will discuss what is cruise control and how to use it. We are going to tell you about this.

What is cruise control?

Cruise control is a feature by which the vehicle can be set at a specified speed. This feature can be used on highways and open roads. You can avoid the trouble of repeatedly accelerating the vehicle on open roads by applying cruise control.

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However, these features are not available in all cars. Apart from this, while using cruise control, also keep in mind the prescribed top speed on the road.

Of using

In vehicles, this feature is given on the right side of the steering wheel. In some cases its position may be different. Although its way of working is the same.

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Step 1- To turn on cruise control, the button has to be turned on, by doing this the light starts lighting on the dashboard. This simply means that it has been turned on.

Step 2- Take the vehicle to the speed you want to set it and then press the cruise control button.

Step 3- After doing this, the speed of the vehicle will be under control and you will not have to move it up and down again and again.

Step 4- If you want to reduce this speed, then you have to press the plus icon button and to reduce it, you have to press the – button.

Benefits of cruise control

Mileage is better.
Driving becomes easier.
The vehicle can be driven at a fixed speed.


Cannot be used at night.
Not considered a good option for manual cars.
Not suitable for all roads.


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