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Navigating Health Insurance Portability: A Step-by-Step Guide to Easily Transfer Your Policy

How to Port The Policy: Currently, health insurance policy has also been included in the investment option. Investing in this policy has become quite easy. In such a situation, many times we hastily invest in a wrong policy due to which we have to face losses later.

If you are also not happy with your health insurance, then you can easily port it. Just as we port the SIM card, in the same way we can also port the health insurance policy (Portability of Health Insurance).

  • How to port health insurance
  • Apply for port to the company to which you want to port your policy 45 days before the policy renewal date.
  • After this, the company will send you the proposal and portability form.
  • Fill in the portability form and submit all the necessary information like name, phone number, email etc. of the policyholder.
  • After submitting the form, the new insurance company will contact the existing health policy company.
  • The new insurance company can know the details related to your policy (like claim history, medical records etc.) with the help of IRDAI website.
  • Let us tell you that if the company does not get all this information then it can put the health insurance portability on hold.
  • As soon as the insurance company receives your required documents, it will inform you whether your portability request has been accepted or rejected within 15 days.

These Documents Are Necessary

  • Health insurance renewal notice
  • No Claim Bonus Certificate
  • If any claim has been made then its discharge summary
  • follow-up report
  • Medical History, Report and Copy

What is a Port?

  • The 30 day waiting period after purchasing the policy gets transferred
  • There is a waiting period port for chronic diseases
  • The waiting period for any specific disease also gets transferred.
  • No claim bonus of the old policy is also ported.

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