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Revanth Reddy is on promises spree during elections, be it MMTS, Metro, it’s like he announcing corporations for 16 castes with no GO: K Venakata Ramana Reddy, Kamareddy MLA

Hyderabad, March 28th, 2024Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, fondly known as KVR Garu, embarked on a transformative journey, beginning before Ugadi and extending beyond Rama Navami, with a resolute mahasankalpam at the revered Ammapally Sita Rama Temple in Shamshabad. This marked the inception of his Praja Asheerwada Yatra, a 20-day odyssey dedicated to the comprehensive development of Chevella and positioning it as the cornerstone of Viksit Bharat 2047. Throughout this expansive journey, KVR Garu vows to traverse every nook and cranny of the Chevella constituency, engaging with its people, and reaffirming his unwavering commitment to their collective future. The profound significance of this epic tour is underscored by the genuine regard of the people of Chevella, who consider KVR Garu an integral part of their extended family. From the auspicious period before Ugadi, continuing through the fervent celebrations of Rama Navami, this journey transcends mere politics. It is a jubilant celebration of equality, democracy, progress, and prosperity—a joyous inauguration of a new era for Chevella.

Chief Guest K Venakata Ramana Reddy, MLA, Kamareddy; said, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy extensively toured all the villages of Chevella constituency, no MP candidate has such track record, therefore his understanding of the constituency is in depth, he knows exactly the problems faced by people in each mandal to the village level. Being an intellectual and technocrat, he has unique solutions for the problems faced by public, unlike other politicians who are clueless about solutions and ignore the problems. Having an MP like Vishweshwar Reddy is a true boon for the people of Chevella constituency. Revanth Reddy is on promises spree about MMTS, Metro during elections, it’s like he announcing corporations for 16 castes with no GO, amendment and no policy or program. He is worried that BJP winning 15 seats will be adverse to him and Congress and his graph will fall, but he is not realising that he didn’t win on the basis of his popularity but out of the public anger against KCR. Like all Bandhus of KCR which ultimately became bandh, these corporations will also not even have table and chairs. I would like to warn the local MP and CM who is in charge of Chevella constituency, that BJP will win with thumping majority at Chevella and the decline of Revanth Reddy’s political graph will begins from here. People are keen to have Konda Vishweshwar Reddy as their MP, people are only speculating about the victory margin ranging between 3-4 lakhs, but his win will be with unprecedented margin. In Chevella Vishweshwar Reddy commands as much goodwill as Modi across the country and that goodwill will get converted into massive votes. The combination of Vishweshwar Reddy in Chevella and Modi at the Centre will usher in development never seen before in Chevella.   

Konda Vishweshwar Reddy speaking on the occasion said, I will be amidst the people through the Praja Asheerwada Yatra, will visit every mandal, village of the constituency. There is so much development all around Chevella, Hyderabad city is close by, but still there is hardly any development in Chevella. As MP I put in my heart and soul, brought roads, Bijapur highways, crores of rupees from centre, fought for GO 111. But farmers in Chevella have been deprived of water for farming, centre has raised the MSP and will get it enhanced further. School buildings are in dilapidated condition, people are deprived of drinking water, power cuts have begun. Will try and gain more insights of the hardship people are going through in the constituency and work towards solutions.


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