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Sheena Chohan, renowned actress, has announced an exciting collaboration with celebrated French photographer Serge Ramelli for a stunning new photo series.

The shoot, styled by Vinaa Shankar, is set against the vibrant backdrop of India, showcases Chohan adorned in exquisite sarees, embodying the timeless elegance of an ancient princess. Ramelli’s signature style, characterized by bold contrasts and vibrant hues, brings each frame to life, highlighting the rich cultural heritage and the ethereal beauty of the traditional Indian attire. This collaboration marries Chohan’s captivating presence with Ramelli’s unparalleled photographic artistry, promising a breathtaking visual feast that celebrates the essence of Indian heritage and the power of cinematic storytelling.

Serge Ramelli is a well-known French photographer and digital artist, celebrated for his vibrant and dramatic landscape and cityscape photography. He is particularly recognized for his striking images of Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. Ramelli is also a prolific educator, sharing his photography techniques and post-processing skills through tutorials, workshops, and online courses. His work often features bold colors and contrasts, bringing out the dynamic essence of urban environments and natural landscapes. Additionally, Ramelli has published several photography books and has a significant following on social media platforms where he showcases his art and instructional content.

Chohan’s impressive portfolio includes prominent projects like Netflix’s The Fame Game starring Madhuri Dixit, The Trial alongside Kajol, Disney Hotstar’s The City of Dreams 2, Malayalam film The Train, directed by seven-time National Award Winner Jayaraj where Sheena launched opposite megastar Mammootty, and two films by Bengali legend Buddhadeb Dasgupta as the lead. Sheena was nominated Best Actress at the Shanghai and Dubai Film Festivals for her lead role in Ant Story, which was bought by Netflix.


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