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Shri. Gokuldas S Shirodker Trust Organises “All Goa Kho Kho League”

Late Gokuldas S Shirodker was a prominent figure in Goa, known for his contributions to the field of Indian Sports and socialwork. Shirodker was involved in Upbringing Kabaddi and later Kho Kho  acknowledging his Contribution and Hard work towards Kho Kho he was Appointed as Vice President of Kho Kho Federation of India and Felicitation with highest Sport award of State of Goa, Bakshi Bahaddar Jivba Dada Kerkar Award by Government of Goa. He was also an active Social Worker noticing which Government of Goa had Awarded him Best Social Worker of Goa state. Shirodker was highly respected in Margao for his dedication. A trust was later formed in his name after his death to continue his Legecy.

All Goa Kho Kho League was organised on 17th March 2024 by ‘Shri. Gokuldas S. Shirodker Trust’ , All Goa Kho-Kho Association, Sports Authority of Goa, Sai Sports Club Madgaon, Silent Boys Sports and Cultural Club Morpilla, Siddheshwar Sports Club Barashe, Friends ix Sports Club, and Navelim Sports Club Navelim.

Kho Kho is a grassroots sport. It needs to be encouraged. At present, playing outside has reduced. Due to this, the youth also get diseases like diabetes and other heart realated disease. Sports gives exercise and reduces diseases. My father was the sports minister of Goa at that time Shri. Gokuldas Shirodkar was also working to upbring our Indian sports. He produced many players. Preference was given to players from rural areas. He preserved indigenous games like Kho kho in Goa and today i congratulate ‘Shri. Gokuldas S Shirodker Trust’ for providing good opportunities to players from rural areas. MLA of Cuncolim,Goa, Opposition leader of Goa State, Shri. Yuri Alemao , said this while speaking as the inaugural function of ‘All Goa Kho Kho League’ at the Cuncolim Ground.

Organizing Committee Chairman, Mrs. Anuya Gokuldas Shirodker,President Sanjay Velip, Secretary Amey Gokuldas Shirodkar, Treasurer Aditya Velip, Director, Qupem Urban co-op credit society Director, Mr. Bhikru Velip ,Mrs. Deepa Daya Naik, Nandesh Gaonkar and other dignitaries were present on the Dias.Margao MLA, Ex CM of Goa Shri. Digambar Kamat, Kumbharjuve , Ex MLA,Shri. Dharma Chodankar, Former Minister for the State of Goa  Shri. Prakash Velip was present in the main event. Speaking on the occasion, Kamat said that there is a real need today to raise Indian sports to a higher level. Kho Kho causes exercise, good health. The government is also trying for this sport. But Late. Gokuldas Shirodker kept games like Kabaddi and Kho-Kho alive. He risked his life for Kho Kho. He said that many players from rural areas have benefited because of him..Players and Officials who contributed towards the game of Kho-Kho in Goa were felicitated by Shri. Gokuladas S. Shirodker Trust’ in the hands of Shri. Digambar Kamat with Shawls, Coconut  and mementos.These included senior technical officer Lima Luis , former players Uday Velip , Khushali Velip, Prashant Velip, Nativedade Fernandes and Savita Velip. Dharma Chodankar said in his speech that I became an MLA because of Kho Kho. Shirodkar was the Vice-President of the Indian Kho kho Association.He worked selflessly for Kho Kho, and reached this position. Kho Kho is the mother of all sports. Others should take inspiration from those who have been felicitated today. And remember Shirodkar Bhau’s contribution. He said so. Former minister, Shri. Prakash Velip while recalling the second West Zone Kho Kho tournament held at Quepem said that Late. Gokuldas Shirodker always had the initiative towards Kho Kho. He strove to bring forward a traditional game like Kho-Kho. Henceforth such competitions should be held from village to village. A player needs determination. .They should play the game with persistence keeping in mind the goal of moving forward.Speaking on the occasion of final session, Congress Senior Leader,Girish Chodankar said that Shirodkar used to spend all day for kho kho, lived for kho kho. Enjoyed from kho-kho. His dream was to develop Kho-Kho. He informed that he is worried about the future of the players.Deputy Sarpanch Prakash Velip said Shirodkar tried to keep Kho-Kho alive. He was worried about the players. Earlier they used to play in the mud. Now mat is used. A player playing Kho Kho can play any game. On this occasion,Soxial Worker, Savitri Kavlekar said that she has played Kho Kho under the guidance of Gokuldas Shirodkar. Shirodkar Sir was my Guru. And today his son held a Kho-Kho league here, praised and congratulated him and wished the players well. Sunil Naik. President  AGKKA commented on encouraging and guiding the players. Silent Boys, Sai Sports Club, Dream Squad, Daredevil, SDP Parivar, five teams competed in this league. Dream Squad and Sai Sports Club reached the final by showing their best game.Dream Squad won a trophy and Rs. 25000/ while Sai Sports Club, Margao won a trophy and Rs. 15000/ as the runner-up. Apart from this, Sarino Fernandes won a prize of 1000/ – and trophy each for Best Attacker, Aviram Kakodkar for Best Defender and Deepak Velip as All Rounder.The entire program and the game was compared by Shri. Sandesh Velip, while Amey Shirodkar proposed the vote of thanks.



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