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Snow Masti’s Blizzard: Masti Zone Announces 100 New Outlets in 3-Year Expansion Plan

Masti Zone, the leading indoor amusement chain under the banner of the Modern Group, is set to climb aboard on an ambitious journey of expansion with a staggering investment of ₹700 Crores over the next three years. This significant financial commitment, with an average outlet size of 20,000 sq ft, is aimed at bringing a wave of innovative and exhilarating experiences to all, exploring new territories, and touching new heights.

In a strategic move to elevate its presence in the indoor amusement industry, Masti Zone plans to roll out this expansion in phases, projecting the opening of more than 100 new outlets during this period. Unlike previous expansions, this growth strategy encompasses not only metropolitan areas but also smaller cities, marking a remarkable shift in the brand’s reach.

As part of its comprehensive expansion plan, Masti Zone will allocate substantial resources to establish additional snow parks under its renowned brand, ‘Snow Masti.’ Given the surge in demand for indoor theme parks, particularly snow-themed attractions, this move reflects the Modern Group’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Masti Zone to open 100 new outlets in 3 years with a whooping investment of Rs 700 cr

The new outlets, coupled with the existing ones, will strengthen the collective offering of indoor amusement facilities provided by Masti Zone and Snow Masti. “Masti Zone aims to sustain its current momentum and further propel its growth, extending the overall reach, in the years ahead,” said Ankur Maheshwary, the founder of Masti Zone.

Highlighting India’s potential as a thriving market for amusement projects, Ankur Maheshwary expressed his eagerness to harness the country’s opportunities. “Be it local manufacturing or additional production capabilities, Masti Zone, is on a mission to create more jobs in times when some of the global giants are cutting down staff – this is to ensure more development opportunities besides just employment,” he stated.

India’s burgeoning economy and its position as an emerging global power present tremendous prospects for the amusement sector. However, challenges persist, especially concerning infrastructure development and economic recovery in the wake of the global pandemic. Despite these hurdles, Masti Zone is committed to enhancing the availability of entertainment and leisure options across India.

With this massive expansion initiative, Masti Zone envisions a proliferation of its outlets across numerous cities by the year 2024 itself. The brand has already kickstarted operations in new locations, including Ghaziabad, Chennai, Jodhpur, and Lucknow, with plans to launch more outlets throughout FY24, FY25, and FY26.

“As the company expands its operations, Masti Zone will persist in fortifying its footprint in the southern and central regions of the nation,” concluded Maheshwary.

Masti Zone is on a thrilling mission to redefine indoor entertainment. With innovation and creativity as the brand’s guiding forces, Masti Zone aims to create an unforgettable experience for their valued customers.

The brand’s vision is to make every visit an extraordinary adventure, where each memory is a boundless treasure of excitement. The rapid advancements by Masti Zone are a call to prepare for stepping into a world where ordinary amusement gives way to the extraordinary, and joy knows no limits. With back-to-back openings queued, the company invites you all to join them on a journey filled with awe and endless fun at Masti Zone.


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