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Stability and Fulfillment: Sayantani Ghosh on the Sustainability of Television Acting

Sayantani Ghosh, who plays Vindhya Devi ,the antagonist in Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat’s Dahej Daasi, which is produced under their banner Do Dooni 4 Films, is happy to be a part of the TV industry, and says it provides a regular source of income too.

“Daily soaps mean constant work, of course, but like every other aspect of life, everything has its plus and minus points. A lot of people complain about the continuous work or the number of working hours, but that also comes with its advantages and perks. It’s a regular source of income. Its more like constant employment, and thus provides a bit more financial security !It’s sustainability, because when it comes to any other format, you do a project and then there’s a downtime. But when you’re associated with the daily soap,It runs for a fair bit of time. So for me, l think it’s an advantage,” she said.

“I’m not an experimental person by nature, and I like certain consistency in my life. After working really hard for 20 years ,I like comfort at this stage of my life. Ofcourse I need to have creative satisfaction as well . So if I’m happy with a particular show and a role, and if the show sustains and runs for many years, I am very happy,” she added.

Sayantani believes that it’s not just about a show, it’s about a whole team that an actor works with, and who becomes their work family.

“It’s just not your role or your show. It’s also the unit you work with that matters .It’s everybody, whether it’s your makeup, your hair team, the spot dada, the directors, or the co-actors, those people become like a family. And if you’re happy in that family, then if it continues for years, I think it’s a great situation for me because it gives me consistency,” she says . Starting off again and again is exhausting. And then you also don’t know what’s in store for you on the next journey? What sort of hardships are there? Would you gel with people ,will the show work? So if it’s a running train and if I am happy with this journey, I am not complaining about it at all.


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