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Tilda India & LS Digital collaborated to celebrate Holi by creating flavorful moments

India, 2nd April 2024: LS Digital, a leading independent digital marketing transformation (DMT) company, collaborated with the Tilda India for the Tilda Basmati Rice Holi Campaign, which persuasively captures the spirit of tastes and traditions, demonstrating how food can be a powerful medium for connecting people from all different walks of life. 

The Campaign is a short film, that depicts the contrasting ways of two different families celebrating Holi. Despite the differences, both families share a common bond of love, which is food. The film precisely captures the moments of togetherness, where families exchange delicious Tilda Rice dishes. It further highlights the message that food isn’t only about sustenance but also about creating connections and unity.

Through this campaign, Tilda India and LS Digital effectively demonstrated, how food can bridge the gap between diverse cultures and backgrounds, bringing individuals together in a festive atmosphere of celebration. As we celebrate Holi, remember that while our customs and methods of celebration may differ, the joy and warmth of sharing a meal with loved ones are universal in nature.

Puneet Kapoor, Head of Marketing, Ebro India, We are excited to introduce our latest creation—a captivating brand film that honors the joyous festival of Holi. As a brand deeply rooted in celebrating diversity, Tilda Basmati Rice takes immense pride in commemorating this vibrant cultural event.

In our film, we invite you to embark on a heartwarming journey alongside a young child who has recently relocated from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with his family. Amidst the bustling streets of Mumbai, the child discovers the magic of Holi—a festival revered not only for its cultural significance but also for its message of unity in diversity.

What makes our story truly special is the contrast it portrays, while Holi is traditionally celebrated with fervour and grandeur in Ahmedabad. In Mumbai, it unfolds with a subtle elegance and restraint. Through our lens, viewers witness how the child’s innocence and enthusiasm serve as a bridge between these distinct interpretations of the festival.

Despite the varying approaches, the essence of Holi shines through, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together in a shared embrace of joy and camaraderie. Our film beautifully captures this spirit of unity amidst diversity, showcasing how Tilda Basmati Rice continues to champion inclusivity and cultural harmony in every celebration.”

Graham Carter, Managing Director, Ebro India, Tilda has always been a brand that promotes unity, festivity, and togetherness. I am excited to share our latest project, the first-ever Tilda Holi Campaign film. In this film, we see how people from every aspect of life, from affluent families in Mumbai to those in India’s heartlands, gather to celebrate Holi.
What makes this film genuinely unique is its emphasis on food as a uniting factor. Regardless of cultural differences, food unites people, strengthens friendships, and symbolizes the spirit of celebration. We witness how simple gestures like sharing food can break down boundaries and create enduring memories.”

Manesh Swamy, CCO & SVP, Creative, Social & Design at LS Digital, “This is the 5th film in the Secret Ingredient Series, where we aimed to celebrate all the key Festivals of India and show how Food brings everyone together, we started with the Ganesh Festival, Diwali, Onam, and now Holi. The hero in all these content pieces was the delicious dishes made with Tilda rice, which helps break a cultural barrier. In cities sometimes the distance between two flats might look longer than it appears, in this film we used the Tilda Rice and Holi festivity as a catalyst to narrow down the gap and color to the audience’s life. We had experimented with long-form content and the completion rate tells us that the audience resonated well with the brand message.”

Tilda India believes that food is more than nourishment, it is a celebration of life, culture, and community. We hope that this one-minute and 39-second film which has already gained 10 million + Views & ER of 6.5% across digital platforms and will motivate people to embrace variety, cherish traditions, and most importantly, share the joy of eating with one another. Let us celebrate Holi with open hearts, minds, and admiration for the diverse cultures that comprise the world we live in.

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