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Trailer Launch of upcoming Tollywood Movie Hemanter Aparanha

Kolkata, 24th June, 2024: Hemanter Aparanha, a new film by award-winning director Ashoke Viswanathan, takes audiences on a poignant journey through love, loss, and the transformative power of art. The Grand Trailer launch was held today at Hindusthan Club, Kolkata which was unveiled by the cast and crew of Hemanter Aparanha: Ashoke Viswanathan, Director; Rwitobroto Mukherjee, Actor; Anusha Viswanathan, Actress; Satyapriya Mukhopadhyay, Actor; Amit Agarwal, Producer. The film is a dynamic and dramatic visual exploration of the tensions of life during the Pandemic and also of the atmosphere in a world stirred and shaken by the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East.

On this occasion, Sri. Ashok Vishwanathan, Director & Producer of Hemanter Aparanha said, “This film has a narrative that constantly keeps you engaged with questions relating to life after retirement and life after death, desire and despair and how the young people of today are so alive to a changing world replete with virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. In the background are the menacing resultants of the lockdown and war in the Ukraine and Gaza. This presentation has been orchestrated by Amit Agarwal, a filmmaker in his own right and me. I am also happy that Amit has worked as a Trailer Editor for me after a long time. He has earlier worked with me as an editor for my award winning documentaries and film trailers. The trailer of Hemanter Aparanha has come up very well and he has done a great job this time too.”

Speaking to the media, Sri. Amit Agarwal, Producer of Hemanter Aparanha said, “As a producer of the film I am feeling very content. I loved the story, its message and the manner in which Ashoke Da has executed the film. Like his earlier intellectual works this film too has a similar flavour but with an amazing narrative. This film is going to cater to a mass audience which includes the youth and the elderly both especially the theatre and film buffs. It is a family film as it has many elements and messages to inspire and influence everyone. It was also an amazing experience to work as a trailer editor for the film after a long time. I hope the audience will like the trailer and will get interested to watch the film in theatres thereon.”

On this occasion, Rwitobroto Mukherjee, Actor, said, “I am really thrilled to be part of Hemanter Aparanha, a film that beautifully captures the complexities of life and promises to resonate deeply with audiences.”

Speaking to the media, Anusha Viswanathan, Actress, said, “Hemanter Aparanha is a heartfelt exploration of human emotions and relationships, and I am honoured to bring my character to life in this poignant narrative.”

Amit Agarwal has earlier backed the popular Hindi Film ‘M. S. Dhoni – The Untold Story’ and has produced films like Simran (Hindi), Vartak Nagar (Hindi) Astra (Bengali) and the acclaimed Goutam Ghose film Raahgir (Hindi). He presented the recently released film Sada Ronger Prithibi (Bengali) and now with Hemanter Aparanha he seems to be in high spirits and is thrilled that he is presenting the Bengali audience yet again a different film and believes that it would be liked by the audience.

The film Hemanter Aparanha features a stellar cast, including Anusha Viswanathan, Rwitobroto Mukherjee and Satyapriya Mukhopadhyay in central roles. A strong supporting cast includes Bidipta Chakraborty. The music is composed by Gourab Chatterjee with songs by Lokhichara. Cinematography is by Joydeep Bhowmick and editing is by National Award winner Arghyakamal Mitra.

Hemanter Aparanha is produced by Amit Agarwal and Ashoke Viswanathan on behalf of Adarsh Telemedia and AV Productions. The film is all set to release at the Theatres on 12th July, 2024.

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