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Varun Tej Takes Flight as he Unveils the Intense Training Behind His Air Force Pilot Role in ‘Operation Valentine’

In a recent interview, Varun Tej shared insights into his upcoming role as an Air Force fighter pilot in the highly anticipated film, “Operation Valentine,” set to hit the screens on February 16th.

Reflecting on the challenges of portraying such a unique character, Varun remarked, “Roles like these are not easy, and it’s not like you are experienced or you see people from the Air Force in your day-to-day life. There was some homework that we did. We had a person from IAF who was working with us from the time the script was being made because we wanted to make a film that IAF is proud of also.”

Speaking about the importance of authenticity in his portrayal, Varun emphasized, “Even after that, we had a couple of IAF people also on the sets, who tried to correct us, our body language, and obviously we met a lot of fighter pilots, engaged in conversation with them, and got to know a lot about their missions, training, and their day-to-day life to understand. It’s very important to bring some realism to your character, especially when it’s a film like this, but if you’re adorning real heroes of our country you really need to act right.”

As anticipation builds for the release of “Operation Valentine,” Varun Tej’s commitment to authenticity and his dedication to honoring the valiant Air Force pilots shine through. Fans are eagerly awaiting the film, expecting a cinematic experience that not only entertains but also pays tribute to the unsung heroes of our nation.


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