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World renowned UKMLA / PLAB tutor from UK, Dr Mo Sobhy conducts training at Apollo in India!

Hyderabad, March 16th, 2024: The world renowned Dr Mo Sobhy, Founder and CEO of one of the biggest and most successful UKMLA (UK Medical Licensing Assessment ) / PLAB Academies, conducted exclusive Masterclass for Medical professionals and students aspiring to advance their careers in the United Kingdom, hosted by Apollo Education UK, at the Apollo Medical College, today. This venture is a part of Apollo Education UK’s initiative to enhance medical education training opportunities between India and the UK.

The Masterclass was an intensive one-day program filled with insights about the UKMLA / PLAB examination and offered an unparalleled opportunity for comprehensive learning. Another masterclass will be conducted in Chittoor on March 18th at the Apollo Knowledge City Auditorium. These sessions are strategically crafted to provide Indian medical graduates with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board examination, a pivotal step for medical practice in the UK.

Dr Mo Sobhy, said, there are three steps to obtain the license to practice in England, one is English test, and then you need to complete the other two tests of step 1 and step 2 of UKMLA, within two years of passing English test. For this you need to have a medical degree and done internship.  

The distinguished Dr Mo Sobhy has trained more than 3500 Doctors from across the globe to clear the UKMLA / PLAB exams and get registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) of the UK. He is known for his dynamic teaching approach and comprehensive UKMLA / PLAB training program.

This event signifies Apollo Education UK’s commitment to fostering international standards of medical practice and ensuring that Indian medical professionals are well-equipped for global opportunities. Participants will benefit from Dr Sobhy’s extensive experience and success in UKMLA / PLAB training, gaining access to his effective strategies and understanding of the exam’s nuances. The program also includes beneficial offerings like English language training and PLAB 1 training in India, with UKMLA / PLAB 2 training, and residential accommodation facilities provided at Apollo’s Crewe Campus in the UK.

Dr Mo Sobhy runs a UKMLA / PLAB 2 academy at Apollo Education UK’s campus at Crewe in the United Kingdom. The campus is a 45 acre facility offering medical education and training programmes. The interested candidates can complete English Language and PLAB 1 exams in India with the support of the Apollo team. Support for UKMLA / PLAB 2 training and exams for candidates will be provided at Apollo Education’s UK campus. This is the time when candidates are looking for support as the PLAB exam is moving to a new format, namely, UKMLA. Dr Mo Sobhy’s is one of the first few academies equipped to train candidates for UKMLA and he is soon launching his book on the exam.

 About Apollo Education UK:

Apollo Education UK (AEUK) is part of the Apollo Hospitals Group committed to the dissemination of healthcare education and training to a global audience. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Apollo Education UK is at the forefront of creating opportunities for medical professionals worldwide. AEUK is a provider of skilled healthcare professionals to the NHS and private clients in the UK. The expert team understands the needs of healthcare organisations and connects them with diverse healthcare professionals globally, including doctors, nurses, radiologists, and allied healthcare professionals. AEUK also operates and manages a 45 acre campus along with 800 bed accommodation facility at Crewe in the Northern part of the UK. Contact Information: Prithvi – +91 95506 36369

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