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XpressionZ Productions Celebrates Its 25th Short Film “Gaali”

As XpressionZ Productions marks a significant milestone with its 25th short film, “Gaali,” the anticipation within the indie film community and among cinema enthusiasts is palpable. This 22-minute dark comedy thriller, directed and crafted by the multifaceted Prashant Jade, is set to bring a fresh perspective to the genre. Slated for release on the XpressionZ YouTube Channel on April 28th, “Gaali” promises a blend of humor and suspense that is bound to captivate its audience.

A Multifaceted Director at the Helm

Prashant Jade, known for his dynamic approach to filmmaking, handles multiple aspects of “Gaali,” including scripting, camera work, direction, and editing. His vision for cinema is clear—create stories that leave a lasting impression, compelling the audience to linger in the world he crafts, long after the credits roll. Jade’s philosophy is evident in his statement, “Stories big or small should leave a lasting impression. If the film we make makes the audience feel bad to return to their real world after the movie is over, then we feel we made a decent enough movie.”

An Engaging Plot with Dynamic Characters

The storyline of “Gaali” revolves around the character Sumit, portrayed by debutant Ujjwal Vasisht, who finds himself entangled in a bank robbery. The plot thickens with the involvement of Sumit’s inadvertently troublesome friend, Nagesh (played by Saurav Verma), and an insightful astrologer portrayed by Amit Mehta, adding layers of comedy and thrilling twists. The characters are drawn into a series of unpredictable events, making “Gaali” a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense.

XpressionZ Productions Celebrates Its 25th Short Film "Gaali"

A Strong Cast with Promising Performances

Ujjwal Vasisht, despite being new to the silver screen, shows great promise in his portrayal of Sumit. Reflecting on his experience, Vasisht praises Jade’s directorial prowess, “It’s interesting how Prashant has different dimensions for one scene and for that Perse one single dialog. It’s amazing, the way he develops and looks at his characters in the story.” His role as an everyman caught in an extraordinary situation adds a relatable element to the film.

Amit Mehta, who plays the astrologer, admires Jade’s spontaneous creativity, “You can ask him about a story like literally anytime of the day and night, he would always have one.” Mehta’s character brings a mystical touch to the narrative, enriching the plot’s complexity.

Saurav Verma not only acts but also serves as the assistant director and colorist for “Gaali.” Verma’s character, Nagesh, adds comedic relief and depth to the storyline. He shares his long-term collaboration with Jade, highlighting the director’s relentless drive and passion for filmmaking.

A Cinematic Style Reflecting Renowned Influences

The film’s style has drawn comparisons to notable directors like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino, suggesting that Jade’s narrative techniques and visual storytelling bear the hallmarks of high-caliber cinematic craftsmanship. This stylistic flair is expected to resonate well with audiences looking for distinct and impactful cinema.

A Testament to Independent Filmmaking

Through XpressionZ, Prashant Jade has become a prolific figure in the independent film scene, contributing to over 500 shows, three feature films, and now 25 short films. His journey reflects a passion-driven career built without traditional support systems like film school or financial backing. This self-made path underscores an inspiring story of creativity and perseverance in the competitive world of cinema.

As “Gaali” prepares for its release, it stands as a testament to the power of independent filmmaking and the vision of a singular artist who continues to push the boundaries of storytelling. This film not only celebrates a milestone for XpressionZ Productions but also offers a thrilling and entertaining experience for viewers worldwide.



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