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Very recently RENISA – the multi-talented artist based at Kolkata, India visited Mumbai and Ahmedabad for dubbing and shooting of her Hindi & Bengali AV content, which are awaiting a grand release soon. Our correspondent caught-up Artist RENISA during her studio works amidst many renowned musicians and senior members of the unit. Candidly she spoke out a good stock as a quick read. Below it goes.

Correspondent Hello Renisa. Its indeed our pleasure in welcoming you in our publication house. We adore your GOD gifted talent.
Renisa I thank you so much for the appreciation and also such a warm welcome.
Correspondent Tell me about yourself and about how you have developed your multifaceted talent and nurtured it.
Renisa Well, as you said I feel so much blessed by the almighty. He has blessed my ears and voice with 12 notes, my eyes and mind with lot of aesthetics and has blessed my pen with some words. Hence I have naturally begun to sing, pose, write and appear on stage for singing, modelling, writing and anchoring from my very childhood.

Thereafter, sailed through many ups and downs in life and of course I have taken those as a learning and had a clear focus to go ahead and ahead. I have been trained under able guidance of many stalwarts in their respective fields and finally I am very lucky to receive continuous guidance the prominent music director and musicologist Mr. Surajit Ghosh, who is not only an established musician but also an eminent groomer. I am under his multi-faceted training since last around 4 years and have tried to gain my skills and competences in play back singing, modelling, stage performance and anchoring. I express my poetic mind through my creatives and pen down immediately.

Correspondent How about your work life balance?
Renisa First of all, I am a mother and a home maker. I have profound responsibility towards my kids and I enjoy this. I believe that when you blend your passion into anything, that becomes a real joy for you. And that’s my basic mantra in whatever I try to do.
Correspondent Please take us through your professional journey in Bollywood industry as a singer, model and as a social worker.
Renisa My debut romantic single ‘Mere Humsafar’ has been published in last Valentine’s day from none less than SHEMAROO ENTERTAINMENT and I have become their empanelled artist, which is certainly something that has overwhelmed me. The song has received good views in YOUTUBE and is still counting. I am very delighted to share that this romantic number was trending and has featured on TOP 10 in many digital media and aggregators’ platform. There are some Bengali content as well as Hindi debuts and covers which all have witnessed a success. In the short pipeline, there is a second debut Hindi brand new love song which is very melodic and with rich acoustically treated musical score and I am sure that you all will enjoy. This is also approved for release from none other than SHAMEAROO ENTERTAINMENT.


Well, there shall be another big surprise awaiting and I would prefer to keep this as a surprise only, till the time the blast happens.


In my modelling career also, I prefer to go in equal pace. I have done many shoots in Mumbai for frontline DOPs in the Bollywood industries, some of which are already available in all digital media and some are in post-production mill. I invite you to visit my FB page and google me to get the regular updates. Do follow me on Instagram as well.


The recent uptake what I have decided is to strongly contribute in enhancing awareness in burning social & environmental issues including girl child’s education, minimising carbon foot-print in earth, global warming, compulsory music curriculum in basic education are to name a few. Very soon you shall see me in all prominent media to promote these type of ideas and for these noble and social causes. Today’s digital media has the strongest potential to reach out to anyone in the globe and we must utilize it in whichever positive way we can, based on our talent.

Correspondent Your announcement for free shows for the social causes are the talk of the town. Please elaborate.
Renisa Yes. I have recently announced in one of my shows that given a chance, I shall perform absolutely free of cost and without any remuneration if the show proceeds are sent to the CPAA (Cancer Patient’s Aids Association) or any recognised foundation working towards society for medical benefits of the poor or for the economically backword class.

I take pride in confirming this through your prominent space as well.

Correspondent If you would have been a supreme govt. authority in art and culture in the country, what would have been your top two actions?
  1. To promote Indian art and culture more and lot more without stopping infiltration and influence of western music. People of the country would then have a better comparison of both.
  2. To completely stop usage of AI and allied software intervention in the singing. Artificial Intelligence is completely destroying the authenticity of organic voice and also diminishing ethics which is an essential ingredient in Indian art & culture. For instrumental music and other VSTs, intervention of AI or any new technology is welcome.
Correspondent What is your advice to the new generation or upcoming artists aspiring their career in your field alike?
Renisa Work hard to achieve your goal. Whatever hurdle comes in your way, tackle it with strong determination and walk ahead. Do not adopt any short cut. You will then shine from within.
Correspondent You would prefer Bollywood Industry or Tollywood Industry as your career?
Renisa Both. Because I believe if you have real talent, one day it would come to the surface by itself. Geography is not really a factor.
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