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Cardiologists at Prasad Hospitals perform a TAVI Procedure, to repair heart valve in an elderly patient

Hyderabad, June 4th, 2024Prasad Hospitals, a rapidly expanding network of four hospitals providing premium healthcare at an affordable cost in Hyderabad, successfully performed, Trans Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) the latest and most advanced procedure for complex valvular heart disease. The procedure was performed at Prasad Hospitals, today on a 79-year-old patient, suffering from complex disease of the heart valve.

The patient needed urgent heart valve repair, conventionally a bypass surgery is performed on such patients. Surgery involved immense risk considering the advanced age of the patient and the patient would have been left to endure the problem. However, the Cardiologists at Prasad Hospital, Dr. Sampath, Dr. Sai Krishna, and the team, opted for the minimally invasive and patient friendly TAVI procedure to repair the valve, thereby avoiding bypass surgery. The patient is recovering well and will be discharged in a couple of days.

TAVI is an alternate to surgery with significant advantages including it being less risky, done while the patient is awake, with no major incisions, expeditious recovery, with several patients going back in a couple of days, says Dr. Suma Prasad, Managing Director, Prasad Hospitals.


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