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A formidable Modi wave is sweeping across Chevella, compelling even BRS & Congress cadre to consider voting for Modi : Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

Hyderabad, March 31st, 2024: BJP hosted a Party Cadre meeting at Rajendranagar, addressing over three thousand party workers, BJP candidate for Chevella Parliamentary constituency, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, said, as part of the Praja Ashirwada Yatra I am visiting villages, mandals and find a formidable Modi wave sweeping across Chevella, compelling even the BRS and Congress cadre to consider voting for Modi in the parliamentary elections. Speculation initially centered around me winning the election with one-lakh majority, yet recent surveys are now indicating a victory margin exceeding three lakhs. There is a competition between me, Eeetala, Rajendar, Bandi Sanjay, as to who will get the highest majority, similarly you should engage in a competition among yourselves, as to whose Booth will garners the highest number of votes. It is the responsibility of every party worker to ensure a resounding victory for BJP and to reinstate Modi as Prime Minister.


I am receiving overwhelmingly positive reception from the people during my Praja Ashirwada Yatra, they are showering me with immense love and affection and recalling the good work I did as an MP and during the last five year despite not being in parliament. But the distressing part I am witnessing during the yatra is the villagers enduring significant hardship as a result of inadequate and deteriorating infrastructure and lack of essential amenities. There are well decked bus stands in each village, women are eligible for free travel in buses, but there are no buses plying to villages to avail it. The roads are in bad shape, the potable water and electric supply is irregular, there are no proper healthcare facilities, putting the villagers to immense hardship. The current Congress and the past BRS governments failed in hearing the woes of the people and addressing their concerns, both the parties need to be taught a lesson.


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