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Modi stands as the sole beacon of hope for the country’s poor, he never fails to deliver: Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

Hyderabad, April 1st, 2024: Addressing a public meeting at Yalal village in Tandur mandal on the 5th day of his Praja Ashirwada Yatra, BJP candidate for Chevella Parliamentary constituency, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, said, it is Modi alone whom poor of the country can rely upon for succour and he never disappoints us. He stands as a dependable pillar of support, offering unwavering assistance without fail. When people across the world were petrified by Covid pandemic, it was Modi who gave we Indians the reassurance. He advocated for the indigenous development of Covid vaccines at a time when vaccines were either unavailable or too costly for us to access. He provided these vaccines, valued between Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000, free of charge to all Indians, saving millions of lives at a time when people around the world were succumbing due to dearth of vaccine. During the lockdown, Modi initiated the distribution of free rice to mitigate food insecurity among the populace, especially those who were left unemployed. He did all this and more even without anyone asking for it.

 Unlike other politicians Modi’s singular mission revolves around the welfare of his country’s citizens, with his vision aimed at propelling India to the forefront of the global stage. Over the past decade, he has transformed India’s landscape, elevating it to the position of the world’s fifth-largest economy. His aspiration is for India to ascend further, aiming to secure the top spot as the world’s leading economy by 2047. This dream is possible only if we strengthen the hands of Modi by voting for the lotus symbol.   


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