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Don Bosco champions beyond the Robots at DSC 2024

Grand Finale of the ‘DaVinci SoccerBot Championship’ (DSC 2024), after of a month-long journey, took place on Saturday, May 4th, 2024 at Don Bosco School, Park Circus, Kolkata, in exquisite style. ‘Titan Knights’ won the Championship and ‘Eastern Challengers’ was Runners-Up. A total of 10 teams had participated in this intense competition.

Esteemed guests graced the event with their presence at this momentous event, celebrating and motivating students. Students and parents had an invaluable opportunity to interact with these eminent personalities, gaining wisdom that goes beyond textbooks.

The energy at the semifinal and final matches was electric. The venue buzzed with complex strategies and creative problem-solving from the participating teams. Such an extraordinary futuristic event, which is done by the students, with the students and for the students is impossible to be conducted without a forward thinking Principal. Fr. Bikash Mondal, Principal of Don Bosco School, Park Circus, being a true visionary, with the intention of developing Future-Ready students, began this mission in the beginning of the year 2023.

Student teams designed, built, and coded their robots for the soccer matches. This is an outcome of the ISR STEAM Experiential Learning sessions which are conducted within the classroom as a regular activity. It goes beyond the text books and rote learning, fostering teamwork, entrepreneurship, and project management skills. “The future may be unknown but what we are able to do here in our school is to help students handle technology with responsibility and integrate their classroom subjects to be equipped for the future” said Fr. Bikash.

Dr. George Panicker, Founder & CEO of ISR LIFE, aptly stated, “We’re in a new age where STEAM education fosters hands-on learning, encouraging students to embrace innovation, gamification, inquiry, and research. This approach eliminates the fear of failure, empowering students to see the importance of integrating technology into everyday learning.”

Similar to a robot navigating a field, students in ISR STEAM Labs apply their knowledge to build diverse prototypes, from Formula 1 cars to agricultural solutions, smart cities to environmental projects. The ultimate goal is to nurture lifelong learners who approach problem-solving with mindfulness and a dedication to creating a sustainable future. This innovative educational approach goes beyond just learning technology. It teaches students to think critically and creatively to solve real-world problems. This holistic approach prepares them to be the future innovators and leaders, equipped with the skills and mindset to navigate and shape a constantly changing world.

Dr. Panicker, emphasizes the importance of STEAM education: “By fostering STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) learning, we empower students to become leaders in advancements like AI, robotics, drones, and 3D printing. Through hands-on projects and a focus on critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, we equip them with the tools to be future-ready.”

ISR’s DaVinci SoccerBot Championship (DSC) is one of its project-based learning approaches and has been conducting it pan India since 2022. This unique blend of sports and STEAM education encourages interdisciplinary learning through hands-on activities that develop essential 21st-century skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

STEAM education fuels future entrepreneurship and innovation in India. Within the STEAM Lab at Don Bosco School, Park Circus, students are encouraged to generate creative ideas, build prototypes, and even explore launching their own ventures. This forward-thinking approach empowers the next generation with the skills and mindset to drive progress and contribute to India’s technological landscape.

“The students of Don Bosco School, Park Circus, are amazing to work with. They engage and enjoy their STEAM sessions as they are allowed to think out of the box without the fear of failure” expressed one the STEAM Experts.

“We are extremely happy to have had a chance to witness  our children’s efforts and achievements as they showcased their pursuit for excellence at DSC 2024” said a parent.

The unrelenting support by the parents of the students of Don Bosco School, Park Circus, as stakeholders in the STEAM ecosystem is absolutely invaluable. They are truly the cornerstone in this endeavour of the school to help holistically develop students as mindful Problem-Solvers and Future Ready citizens of the world.


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