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Muskan Bhasin – A Grand Come Back

Correspondent: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am hailing from a mediocre family with lot of aspirations and a ‘never give up’ attitude. Already being featured in prominent silver screen and consistent media presence, this has always been my dream and I see this dream not while I sleep but while I am awake. I believe in ‘slow but steady wins the race’ and want to stay always tuned in my screen assignments. I am always mindful in balancing my family and professional time and finally aspire to grow professionally.

Correspondent: What is your greatest strength as a professional model and as an influencer?

My own will power and stamina is my greatest strength as a model that allows me to work hard during shows and shoots. I am extremely hard working and committed to the projects with absolute conviction.

Correspondent: What are your career goals in next 5 years?

To see myself at least two steps ahead of what I am today and be prominently cast in web-series and/or strong digital media presence as influencer/model/emcee.

Correspondent: What is your availability like?

I am available at all times, however I am choosy in selecting and signing the work. More than monitory remuneration, it is the self-respect and role quality that I always look forward to.

Correspondent: Tell me about your personal & family space.

One and only star in my personal space is my loving husband – Aakash. Aakash means sky and he is the wide open blue sky for me. I am a mother too. I am very happy with my family and support of everyone concerned. Aakash himself is a good actor and have been featured in short films with his already proven acting calibre. Aakash supports me a lot and he is always an inspiration to me for all my assignments. I am based at Jammu and in today’s world, the distance indeed is not a challenge at all, as I fly down to my assignment floor as and when required.

Correspondent: Who is your role model and why?

Well, I proudly say that I am very sorted and I want to become my own role model by reaching my desired height of success. Apart from this, its respected late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He is my role model, not because he had achieved great things in life and became the president of India. He is my role model because he dedicated his entire life to the country in multiple ways and yet so grounded. It was incredible.

Correspondent: How would you imagine a typical day as model?

Models may work long hours on challenging projects depending on their specific roles and the type of agency they work with. I imagine a typical day as a model being exciting and filled with opportunities to generate creative solutions to different challenges. I know that some projects require heavier time commitments than others, but I hope to be able to work hard and meet the needs of any brand I work with, regardless of their expectations.

Correspondent: Why do you admire the modelling industry and what is the incorrect perceptions on this industry?

Yes, I think that being in modelling industry with continuous learning is absolutely essential towards one’s own growth and development this trade. At the same time, any model should determine his/her own value system, i.e. learning how to manifest these values in a beneficial and productive manner. It’s very crucial.

I would also like to add that probably a big mistake that people make regarding models is assuming that they have to be perfect in every sphere of life, which is a ridiculous expectation because they are also imperfect mortal human beings just like anyone else. So, ideal scenario is always being moderate in your expectations and value chain.

Correspondent: What are the projects for you in pipeline?

There are many jumbled up. Slowly all pleasant surprises shall shape up. However, as I said, I prefer to go slow and steady to keep myself relevant and concurrent in the industry. Many conceptual shoots are in release pipeline.

Correspondent: What is your suggestions and advice to the new comers in the industry?

Don’t rush to the success. Work hard and be honest. Do not compromise on quality of work and your own grace and respect. Prepare yourself well for the assignment. Stay relevant and success will run after you.

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