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Is Aasma’s Pregnancy Hiding Secrets or Will the Truth Come Out?

In a surprising revelation, Aasma discloses her pregnancy, marking the beginning of a tumultuous family saga. As the family anticipates the new additions, a sinister plot emerges. Bua, Rano, and Alia conspire to secretly abort Aasma’s unborn child while orchestrating a deceptive narrative. They falsely claim that Aasma is carrying Murtuzim’s child, attempting to turn Armaan against Alia. However, the actual truth is more intricate—Aasma is carrying Armaan’s baby.

The storyline delves into the high-stakes drama as the family grapples with the clandestine attempts to terminate the pregnancy and the deceitful schemes to create discord. Will the plan to abort Aasma’s child succeed, or will the tangled web of lies be exposed, unraveling the intricacies of the family dynamics? The unfolding narrative explores the consequences of hidden agendas, challenging relationships, and the ultimate revelation of long-buried truths.

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