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Bhumi Pednekar applauds Sai Tamhankar’s stellar performance in ‘Bhakshak’!

Amidst the resounding success and critical acclaim of the recent Netflix hit ‘Bhakshak,’ Sai Tamhankar finds herself in the spotlight, with co-star Bhumi Pednekar showering her with praise during a recent ‘Ask Me A Question’ session.

Bhumi, riding high on the wave of ‘Bhakshak’s’ triumph, expressed her admiration for Sai Tamhankar’s talent and performance in the film. Responding to a fan’s question about working with Sai, Bhumi shared, “I’ve always really been a fan of Sai’s work. I remember watching ‘Hunterrr’ and enjoyed her performance so much that when Pulkit told me about Sai being a part of ‘Bhakshak,’ I was extremely excited and full of gratitude.”

Bhumi went on to laud Sai’s grace and proficiency in portraying characters, highlighting a specific scene in ‘Bhakshak’ that left a lasting impact on her. “There’s a grace with which she (Sai) performs her characters. There’s one specific scene of hers that I love in ‘Bhakshak’ when she enters the Balika Graha, the way she has emoted… her eyes. It’s that point of the movie when I started tearing up. And she is just wonderful,” Bhumi added.

Apart from ‘Bhakshak,’ Sai Tamhankar is enjoying the success of her Marathi film, ‘Sridevi Prasanna,’ showcasing her versatility as an actor seamlessly transitioning between cinema and the OTT space. Sai’s achievements further solidify her status as an accomplished performer and a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. As the accolades pour in, Sai continues to carve her niche as a standout talent, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating her future endeavours.


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