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Kids at the table: How to make your kids eat their meals without fuss

(Authored by Atif Shamsi, CEO & Founder, OuchCart) 

Mealtimes can be super interesting and fun for kids if we incorporate creativity and fun into the dining setup. By putting in small efforts, you can make regular meals for your kids super interesting and fun-loving that they will enjoy. You don’t need to run here and there after your kids just to make them eat a single bite, instead you can make them sit quietly by these cool ideas suggested by experts by making small changes in your dining setup and making your kids enjoy their meal time with curiosity and fun.

  1. Colorful Tablescapes: 

“Decorating the dining table making it more cool and awesome will attract kids’ attention. You can use colorful tablecloths or mats in their favorite colors and cartoon print. When everything is attractive and cool, eating feels like a party every time for them. This small effort will make your kids eat sitting in a single place without bothering you much.

  1. Whimsical Centerpieces:

You can transform the dining table into a magical kids’ space by putting their favorite toys in a basket. When the table looks magical and attractive with their favorite stuff, mealtime feels like an adventure for kids. There are decorative look toy figurines or themes ornaments that will bring their interest more while eating food.

  1. Kid-Sized Dining Chairs:

It’s the best idea to buy a cute special dining chair for kids. Pick colors, and designs that they will like and will get attracted by more. When they have their own special place, it makes them feel extra special like some VIPS at the table while having food. Plus this sitting will encourage them to maintain good posture and proper eating habits from a very young age. So grab a chair that your kid will enjoy and will feel extra special while having food.

  1. Personalized Platter Dishes:

Buy cute personalized plates for your kids. Let them choose their choice of plates with fun designs, patterns, or even their names specially printed on the dish. Having their special plate will give them a sense of ownership and excitement in the dining experience making them more likely to finish their food.

Get creative with how you present their food. You can turn ordinary meals into creative looks for example use a cookie cutter to make sandwiches, fruits, and chapatis cut into different shapes like stars, animals, hearts flowers, etc. When the presentation is attractive eating will also be more fun and they will enjoy the mealtime more. Visually appealing presentations are the best way to get them to eat more healthy homemade food.

  1. Interactive Dining Experiences:

You can make their mealtime more interactive and hands-on experience by engaging them in DIY activities like setting up their own pizza slice, arranging all the ingredients in different colorful bowls in front of them, and letting them customize their slice with a variety of toppings. With this, they will learn to serve food for themselves and will use their creativity while having meals making the mealtime more interesting and engaging.

  1. Cartoon print ottoman stool

If you have a tradition of consuming food not at the dining table but sitting on the floor, you can buy a cute little ottoman for your kid with their favorite cartoon stickers printed on it. This innovative seating arrangement will help kids enjoy the meal. Having a meal while sitting on the floor is also a very good and healthy habit followed in Indian families for ages.

Nowadays, kids are curious, hyperactive, and want to explore more and more. Making their mealtime fun and interesting will make them engage more. Use these special ideas to make your kid feel special, and enjoy mealtime more without bothering you much. Mealtime will become a more interactive if you adopt these small ideas for your kids making their dining experience more fun and interesting.




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