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Responses by Nidhi Aggarwal, Founder, SpaceMantra


  1. How did you come up with SpaceMantra’s office furniture rental services and how your approach is different from the traditional ways of purchasing furniture?

Ans: Our office furniture rental services were conceived to offer premium products with a cost-effective and flexible approach to provide the best alternative to traditional furniture purchasing. Whether you’re a start-up, a small business, or any group that requires premium furniture without the upfront investment, SpaceMantra is the answer to your problem, offering high-quality furniture on flexible rental terms.

Our approach emphasizes convenience, affordability, and sustainability. And we call it “Let’s make luxury affordable by all.

  1. Would you please explain the path of building SpaceMantra`s Rental Solutions for office arrangement as you go on. Did you realize the necessity of such a service, and what were the core factors that influenced your decision-making regarding the product development or service designing?

Ans: Many people’s perspectives were impacted post-COVID. Remote work is the new normal in this post-COVID era. We are seeing the creation of co-working spaces, and with these ephemeral setups comes the need for short-term investment. Today, we all are prioritizing flexibility over long-term commitments. This trend gave birth to providing complete office furniture at affordable monthly rentals. Our decision was backed by detailed market research, customer feedback, and current trends in the furniture industry.

Renting office furniture allows you to enjoy the benefits of a fully furnished workspace without the upfront cost or long-term commitment. Moreover, there is no depreciation cost, and you can change the furniture to change the look of your space however and whenever you want.

  1. As per SpaceMantra, renting office furniture results in 3 advantages: cost saving, flexibility and quality assurance. Why does the business model concentrate to delivering benefits to customers and how will you guarantee that these benefits will be consistent to them over time?

Ans: Customer satisfaction is the key to measuring the success of any organization. Sales increase as a result of happy consumers since they bring in new business as well as repeat business. Despite specializing in furniture rentals, including short-term options, we still give each and every request our full attention. We inquire about any unique needs or changes that our clients may have, and we try to accommodate them wherever feasible. Our business model focuses on delivering consistent benefits to customers by ensuring cost savings, flexibility, and quality assurance. We guarantee this through rigorous quality control measures, regular maintenance, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

  1. SpaceMantra highlights the criticality of carefully-designed and consistently managed furniture pieces to provide a tangible solution in creating a more stimulating workplaces. Could you provide detailed information on the reliable quality controls measures and regular maintenance plans set up by SpaceMantra?

Ans: We take quality of our products very seriously. We have all protocols in place in respect to Quality Control. Every item goes through a thorough screening before being included in our catalog. Additionally, we have a comprehensive checklist that we employ upon delivery to make sure our product meets all quality standards and is ready for use. We also offer Free Installation, ensuring that our products are installed by our experts. This not only saves the time and effort but also ensures that the products are set up professionally and efficiently.

  1. A customization element is in fact part of SpaceMantra’s Rentals Solutions benefits. Despite the fact that SpaceMantra tries to fit the different needs and like with a range of customization options, there can be other solutions that would fit well with a particular customer’s expectations.

Ans: Of course, even though we provide a variety of customization choices, we are aware that some clients might have particular requirements that call for other approaches. Our team understands the requirements and works to provide the best solution which can entail tailoring one of our already-existing items. We do that wherever feasible.

Each and every request is special to us and we treat them with all our expertise. We strive to accommodate diverse requirements through our flexible rental solutions and customer-centric approach.

  1. SpaceMantra intends to keep the clients on their toes. This means that the company will assist them in adhering to the most recent office equipment trends and ergonomic devices. SpaceMantra is into renting and availing space facilities. How does it make it in line with industry trends and ensure its rental offers are competitive and relevant?

Ans: While most of our competitors offer fixed tenure, we offer flexibility. In order to meet the needs of every client, our team of experts is constantly adding new offers based on market research. Complete Office Furniture on Rent is a catalog that truly embodies what it says. We consider offices to be more than just places to sit and work. We consider every aspect of the setup, such as the furniture requirements for the reception, lounge area, workstations, cabins, storage, and café area.

As evidence of our dedication to becoming a one-stop shop for all office furniture needs, our product line is constantly growing.

  1. SpaceMantra provides a design tutorial session to accompany each customer, so as to get the most out of their space. As for how design contributes to the aesthetics and environmental efficiency of the office space and what SpaceMantra helps clients with in this respect.

Ans: Our design tutorial sessions enhance the aesthetics and environmental efficiency of office spaces by providing guidance on layout, furniture selection, and space utilization. We help clients optimize their space for productivity and comfort while minimizing environmental impact. In order to help our clients make the most use of their space, we provide Free Design Consultation.

  1. What are SpaceMantra’s aspirations and what are its goals for the office furniture market services as a rental solution? Will the catalogue eventually grow to contain more products or innovative features that would amuse your clients?

Ans: Definitely, we are striving hard to add in more products to our already extensive catalogue including Chairs, Workstations, Tables, Lounge Furniture, and Storage. When we say Complete Office Furniture on Rent, we mean it. Our catalog reflects our intention of providing our clients with what they want and not what we have. In addition, we provide our clients with a feature called “Design Your Tenure,” which allows them to select a tenure based on their needs rather than following one of our predetermined tenure plans. Our short term rental plans include rental tenure starting as low as one month.

Our goal is to continually understand the changing demands of our customers and delight them with new offerings that meet their evolving needs and exceed their expectations.


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