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Make unlimited calling for free with Elon Musk’s app, no need for recharge

When Jio entered the telecom market, Airtel had a one-sided control over it. But Jio started with free calling and data. This was liked a lot by the users and that is why today it can be said that Jio now has a one-sided dominance in India. Elon Musk has also had an eye on India’s telecom market for a long time. This is the reason why he is considering entering India.

At present, with the help of ‘X’, Elon Musk has given the feature of unlimited audio calling and video calling to the users. If you use it then you do not need to do anything. This feature was being given by X to premium users some time ago. But now this feature is also being given to such users who are not premium users.

How to use?

To take advantage of audio and video calling on the X, you’ll need to make a few changes to the settings. To do this you first have to go to Settings. Here you have to go to Privacy and Safety option. After going to the direct message option, you can do audio and video calling easily. This feature can prove to be very good for you. Who can call-

Now the question is who can be called. For this you will first have to go to the chat. After going here, you will start seeing the calling feature. As soon as you click on the calling button, you will start seeing both audio and video options. With its help, you can easily make a call after clicking.


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