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Withdrawal of money from mutual fund is very easy, follow these steps for online and offline withdrawal.

During uncertainties, everyone keeps a part of their earnings for saving for a secure life. These savings are also helpful for his future and other needs of the family in future. You can also withdraw money from mutual funds if needed. Investors can withdraw money both offline and online. The term of withdrawing money from mutual fund is called redemption.

Withdraw money online in mutual fund

Mutual funds can also be purchased online from the company’s website. There is no risk in this. With this, whenever you need money, you can also withdraw it online. To withdraw money online, go to the online transactions section and enter your folio number in the column given there or log in using the PAN card number. Then select the mutual scheme you have taken and the amount you want to withdraw. Then confirm the transaction.

How to redeem mutual funds offline

If you want to withdraw money offline from mutual fund, then you have to follow some steps. The investor must first download the redemption form from the MF website. The mutual fund holder will have to submit the signed redemption request form to the Registrar’s office. In the form, fill the unit holder name, folio number, mutual fund plan details along with the name of the plan and the amount required and submit it. Your mutual fund amount will be credited to your account.


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