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Music Sensation Nikhita Gandhi’s Father Joins Her On Stage at a Recent Concert – The Pictures are Pure Gold

Nikhita Gandhi’s Chartbusters

Music sensation Nikhita Gandhi has been riding high on the success of her recent chart-topping hits, “Gore Gore Mukhde Pe” and the title track from the upcoming movie Ishq Vishk Rebound, set to release in theaters on June 21st. These songs have been trending and are already a staple on everyone’s playlist.

A Magical Surprise in Kolkata

The talented pop singer wowed the audience in Kolkata last evening with a live performance, only to receive a heartwarming surprise when her father joined her on stage. Celebrating Father’s Day together on stage was a striking visual, and the indie pop star shared her emotions about the moment: “Papa sang the cult song ‘Kolkata’ by Anupam Roy with me on stage. He is a maxillofacial prosthodontist who loves music and is a natural. He used to sing Kishore Kumar songs in his college days, and all my love for music comes from him. He still sings for recreation and performs on occasions (Kolkata has many musical events), and his love for music is definitely a huge part of my journey as a musician.”

Capturing the Moment

The beautiful images from her concert, featuring the touching duet with her father, are simply unmissable and have brightened our day.


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