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Brake Fluid 101: Importance, Maintenance, and Replacement Tips

To run any car properly, it needs to be taken care of. But sometimes people start being careless, due to which the risk of many types of problems in the car increases. Brake fluid in the car is also one such thing, which is important to take care of. If this is not done, the risk of brake failure while driving the car increases. What is brake fluid in a car and when should it be changed. We are telling you in this news (Car Care Tips).

Brake fluid is important

Brakes are used to stop any car and brake fluid is very important for the brakes to work properly. Brakes are used hydraulically in cars found all over the world. Which requires brake fluid to run properly. This creates the right pressure to apply the brake.

When does the problem arise?

As long as the brake fluid in the car is clean, the brakes work without any problem. But when it starts to deteriorate or its quantity decreases, then there is a problem in applying the brake. When excessive pressure is required to apply brakes in the car, apart from this, applying brakes takes more time than required, then the brake fluid must be checked.

When to change the fluid?

Generally, it is better to change the brake fluid in any car after two years or 50 thousand kilometers. But nowadays, features like ABS, EBD, ESP and traction control are given in cars, in which the car also applies brakes on its own. In such a situation, the life of the brake fluid decreases. Therefore, they can be changed even earlier in such cars.

How to change the fluid?

By the way, the brake fluid should also be checked at the time of servicing the car. If needed, it should be topped up or replaced only then. But if you want to change it yourself, then the remaining fluid in the master cylinder should be removed by opening it. After this, the brake fluid should be filled and the air should also be removed by applying the brake.


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