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Responses by Aman J Jain, CEO and Co-founder, Doodhvale


  1. Could you give me a quick summary of Doodhvale’s and its aims of products in the market?

Doodhvale is a milestone-marking company at the forefront of innovative and exciting dairy products and food products. Our goal is to supply our customers with fresh, pure, adulteration free and pesticide free products including milk, that are directly from our farm. With our own blend of technology, logistics, and control over the value chain, we bring these fresh products directly to customer’s doorsteps.

  1. What led to the development of Doodhvale, and what is different about it from other dairy companies?

The vision for Doodhvale came into being when the dairy industry in India was found to be full of problems that are related to adulteration, unhygienic practices and lack of transparency among the middlemen. FSSAI studies have shown that nearly two thirds of the randomly collected samples haven’t cleared the testing criteria. As a brand we wanted to build the right amount of trust with the customers, one that would put quality, transparency, fair trade at first place. What differentiates us is a farm to home model with scientifically avant garde practices at the farm, high quality, unadulterated milk and other products’ production and integrated tech led logistics ensuring top notch service towards customers.

  1. How does the Doodhvale preserve the freshness and quality of its dairy products?

Our entire production process right from cattle farming, farm operations, cold chain supply chain, milk pasteurization, value added products manufacturing and logistics, follow only the latest in hygienic and quality control standards. We are committed to delivering fresh high quality products that meet the highest constantly increasing everyday strict quality standards. Our quality control has been set up at every stage, which starts from the farms to the processing and distribution centre and even during transport. We follow a 4-pronged rigorous testing strategy to ensure that milk and products are thoroughly tested including in house labs, external NABL certified labs, DIY tests by customers at home..

  1. Tell us about the aspects of sustainable development and ethical practices that Doodhvale is involved in with respect to dairy farming.

Sustainable development and the promoting of ethics and practices are the driving force Doodhvale’s business. We operate tightly controlled farms with scientific SOPs and maintenance standards. This includes end-to-end lifecyle management of cattle including quarantine, feeding, hygiene, insemination, lactation, calving, milking, etc. Our farms are equipped with 24×7 Veterinary services and a laboratory for thorough testing. We at our farms are very compassionate towards animals and have brought international best practices including loose housing and social recreation of cattle to ensure happy and stress free milk production. We also encourage farmers to adopt sustainable practice that aim at managing waste as well as reducing our ecological footprint including cow dung processing and manure conversion.

  1. Doodhvale offers what kind of dairy range it has, and does these have any upcoming additions or innovations.

Doodhvale presents an extensive variety of dairy produces including traditional dairy products like Fresh Milk, Dahi, Paneer, Khoya, White Butter, Desi Ghee, etc. and a good blend of new age products like Icy Latte, Masala Buttermilk, Yogurt Smoothies etc. Gradually, we have forayed into some of the ancillary categories including rich traditional sweets, fresh bakery, breakfast products, etc. We constantly try to take our product range to the next level, and our philosophy based on creativity is to introduce ingenious and healthy products meant to meet the multiversity of tastes and food demands of our customers. Currently, our efforts are geared towards bringing the market a variety of flavored milks, probiotic dairy products, cheese and other dairy oriented consumables.

  1. Do Doodhvale use the local community in order to strengthen their relationship with customers and increase their customers’ trust and loyalty?

Absolutely! Doodhvale, like other enterprises, aims to develop good ties with local inhabitants. We personally interact with our key stakeholders using different strategies, including the farm visits, educational projects, and community development projects. These contacts give clients more reason to trust and be loyal to us and also do it the other way round. It is how we get to know our customers’ needs and preferences better so as to adjust our services accordingly. As a socially responsible organization, we also dedicate a part of our budget to strengthen underprivileged and provide them access to high quality products.

  1. Is it possible for you to narrate any of the Doodhvale achievements that are memorable or milestones that the business has received since its commencing?

In terms of milestones and uniqueness, Doodhvale seems to have been progressing, and each of these are special to us then! Of the many accomplishments we have made, we have been Awarded “Most Preferred D2C Brand in Dairy and Daily Essentials” in one of the prestigious Crowns of Delhi Award Night. Additionally, we have received high appreciation across social media – we have been rated 4.6+ out of 5 on Google, 4.4 out of 5 on Facebook, and 4.4+ out of 5 on Playstore. This not only proved our ethics in terms of quality and transparency but also inspired us to keep raising the bar.

  1. What foray or inclusive plans does Doodhvale have in store for its business?

Our goal is to broaden our area of influence and to make our products available to a wide audience that includes national and international consumers. This is to build upon our vision of enabling access to high quality products at an affordable price across channels. We are also focusing on the possibility of addition to our product range promoting dairy-based food supplements and functional food products. Besides, research and development are an important thrust of the Company that is manifested in the constant search to apply better processes and to leverage advanced technologies to provide a seamless experience to all our stakeholders.


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