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Sharing Stories Launches Revolutionary AI-Enabled Storytelling Platform to Transform Books into Film-Ready Visuals. 

In an exciting development for authors and the film industry, in association with Plots for moovies platform has officially launched its innovative platform designed to bridge the gap between written narratives and cinematic productions. This cutting-edge tool empowers authors to convert their books into compelling video presentations, tailored specifically for film industry professionals. is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer for storytellers and filmmakers alike. The platform offers a unique service that turns detailed written content into engaging visual narratives. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, it captures the true essence of a book, portraying characters, settings, and key scenes in a format that resonates with movie producers and directors.

Benefits of

Industry-Standard Format

 Content on is crafted in a visual style that the film industry prefers and understands. This ensures that the storytelling aligns perfectly with the needs of production houses, increasing the chances of a book being picked up for adaptation.

Engaging Visual Representations

Instead of relying on traditional text-based summaries or book reviews, the platform creates dynamic visual narratives. These visuals serve to trigger curiosity and provide a clearer, immediate understanding of a book’s potential as a film, making it easier for producers to visualize the end product.

The platform’s approach is straightforward yet profoundly impactful. By translating written words into visual stories, helps authors demonstrate not just the plot, but the potential cinematic appeal of their narratives. This visual translation is not only more engaging but also cuts down on the interpretation work usually required by production teams, streamlining the decision-making process in acquiring new projects.

Sharing Stories  holds the potential to spark a cultural shift in how stories are conceived, shared, and experienced. By empowering storytellers to realize their cinematic visions, the platform inspires a new generation of creators to explore the intersection of literature and film, forging a path towards a more immersive and inclusive storytelling experience for all.

“Our mission at is to provide authors with a powerful tool that can literally show the movie that’s hidden within the pages of their books,” says the founder Abilash Geetha Balan. “We believe that every book has a screenplay hidden inside it, waiting to be discovered. Our platform not only reveals this potential but does so in a manner that speaks directly to the movers and shakers in the film industry.”

This service is invaluable for authors looking to get their foot in the door of the film industry. It eliminates many of the traditional barriers that prevent great stories from being told on screen. With, the story does not just tell; it shows, it performs, and it captivates from the first scene to the last.

As the platform continues to evolve, additional features and enhancements are planned to further assist authors and creative minds in their journey from page to screen. invites all storytellers who dream of seeing their creations on the big screen to join them in revolutionizing how stories are told and sold in the film industry.

With its bold vision and unwavering commitment to excellence, along with Plotsformovies invites storytellers from all walks of life to join in the journey of reimagining storytelling for the digital age. Together, we can shape a world where every story has the opportunity to be told, celebrated, and shared with audiences around the globe.


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