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Sanjay Mishra and Vineet Kumar rescued Rohitashv Gour!

In the ever-glamorous world of Bollywood, moments of true heroism often occur behind the scenes. Such was the case for Rohitashv Gour, widely known for his portrayal of Manmohan Tiwari in &TV’s popular show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. Gour recently shared a harrowing experience from the early days of his career, highlighting the lifesaving actions of his close friends and esteemed actors, Sanjay Mishra and Vineet Kumar. Reflecting on the incident, Rohitashv Gour recounted, “It was the 1990s, and Sanjay, Vineet, and I were sharing a rented apartment in Santacruz, Mumbai, close to the airport. One sweltering summer night, we decided to sleep on the terrace due to ongoing birthday party of landlord’s son and seeking relief from the heat, unaware of a water spill from the tank above. Despite the constant noise from airplanes, we eventually fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up to a terrifying reality. I could barely move. Sensing something was wrong, Sanjay and Vineet sprang into action without hesitation. They struggled to help me stand and walk, but their determination was unwavering. They managed to get me to the hospital just in time. The doctor said that my spine had been exposed to the water throughout the night, leading to my near-paralyzed state. And if my friends had not acted so quickly, I could have suffered a severe injury. It was a terrifying experience, but I was grateful for Sanjay and Vineet’s quick actions and unwavering support. The actor adds further, “Following the incident, I faced a long and painful recovery, decided to leave Mumbai and return to my hometown, where I spent several months on bed rest. Once I regained my strength, I joined the National School of Drama Repertory Company in Delhi, dedicating six years to honing the craft before returning to Mumbai in 1997 to restart my journey. That experience left an indelible mark on me. What Sanjay and Vineet did for me during that difficult time is a memory I will forever be thankful for. I truly admire and appreciate them from the bottom of my heart. In an industry often dominated by stories of rivalry and competition, this tale of friendship and heroism serves as a reminder of the deep bonds that can form amidst the glittering lights of the entertainment industry.”

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