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Upasana Kamineni Konidela’s Top 5 Moments as the Powerhouse Lady of the Family Dynasty

On this International Women’s Day, we shine the spotlight on Upasana Kamineni Konidela, a powerhouse lady of the Kamineni-Konidela family seamlessly blending two influential legacies. From spearheading healthcare initiatives to supporting her husband, global star Ram Charan, Upasana has left an indelible mark. Here are five moments that illuminate her multifaceted role within the family and beyond.

Family Legacy

Upasana stands as a beacon in continuing the Kamineni-Konidela legacy, showcasing unwavering commitment to healthcare. Her role as Apollo Hospital’s Vice President reflects her dedication to advancing the family’s impact on the healthcare landscape.


Beyond the realm of healthcare, Upasana extends her support to husband and global star Ram Charan and the Konidela household, exemplifying her ability to balance familial responsibilities with grace and poise.

Healthcare advocate

As a healthcare philanthropist, Upasana contributes significantly to Apollo Hospital’s mission. Her role as Vice President reflects her commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality, making a positive impact on communities.

Role as a loving mom

Upasana embraces her role as a mother to Kiln Kaara, sharing heartwarming moments on social media. Her dedication to creating a warm and loving family environment is evident, making every celebration a memorable experience.

Influential Host

A great host, Upasana fosters community sentiments by bringing influential industry individuals together in her Hyderabad home. Additionally, her active participation in talks and seminars highlights her commitment to supporting community well-being through open and insightful conversations.

This International Women’s Day, Upasana Kamineni Konidela’s story as an inspiration, celebrating her as a leading lady in the Kamineni-Konidela dynasty.


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