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Arun Mandola: Maha Shivratri energises me with positivity and Bhakti

As he celebrates Maha Shivratri today, actor Arun Mandola says that the festival has a lot of significance for him. He adds that he has been a big Shiv worshipper right from his childhood.

“Every year I perform Rudra Abhishek. From my childhood, I have worshipped Lord Shiva and I can proudly say that almost my childhood was spent in Shivlanga Poojan, he says, adding, “I have been reading Yajur Veda from my childhood and I love to read Veda mantras. This year, I will also do Rudra Abhishek from milk. I don’t do fasting but I will try to fast today.”

He says that he derives a lot of happiness from worshipping Shiv. “I have never worshiped Lord Shiva for my personal benefit. I just do it because I am a big devotee of lord shiva. I recite veda mantras and when I speak these mantras, I feel a strong vibration near me. It is very sad that people don’t know the power of Ved mantras but slowly, slowly, awareness has increased. I have spent 70% of my childhood in Temples because I did my schooling, graduation and MA in a Sanskrit Gurukul, and so I am very close to Shiv Linga. If you are worshipping Lord Shiva, all your desires will be fulfilled but your devotion should be pure. I have seen lots of Lord Shiva bhakts and I have seen miracles happening with them. I am always excited when Maha-Shivratri comes. It energises me with full of positivity and Bhakti,” he says.


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