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Women’s Day: Very unfair to dedicate just one day to women, says Rahul Sharma

Actor Rahul Sharma says that we need to celebrate Women’s Day, but we need to continue celebrating the ladies in our lives beyond this as well. He says that women make sure to take care of everything in our lives, and we need to treasure them.

“I feel like it is really unfair to dedicate just one day to the women in your lives. You have to dedicate many more days to women in a year, I feel, because of the way they dedicate their lives, their efforts, their soul to their families. The way they love and give support to other people. I think every day should be for them, and we should give them that amount of respect,” he says.

He adds, “I think it starts with a call. When you call the women in your lives, you wish them well and make them feel special on this day. Now, people celebrate it and when it comes, remember it and try to surprise them with the call of ‘Hi, ma!’. You want to send flowers, you want to spend time with them.”

Ask him what is the way to a woman’s heart, and he says, “According to me, the way to a woman’s heart is to listen to what she has to say. Just listen to try to understand them. You don’t give solutions to them. They just want you to listen, to understand what they want to say, and not judge. Judgment is bad. We need to value the women in our lives, after all they give us the gift of life.”

He adds, “Women, especially, are much stronger than men. Physically, we may appear different, and we may have lots of physical strength, but both mentally and physically, women are very strong. They carry a baby and create a new life from within them. That’s the most significant aspect where men can’t be equal to women. As for money, you can judge that. It’s a ridiculous comparison.”


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